What’s New in Indigenous Watchdog: 179 new Entries: June 1 – June 30, 2024

Calls to Action (C2A) Status: July 1, 2024

Not StartedStalledIn ProgressComplete
StatusLegacy Calls to Action
(1-42) + 50-52, 62-65
Reconciliation Calls to Action
Not Started2, 9, 10, 26, 34, 42, 51, 52, 6445, 46, 47, 55, 56, 89
Stalled6, 8, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 25, 29, 30, 3558, 62, 71, 77, 78, 87, 92, 93
Complete13, 15, 4149, 53, 59, 67, 68, 70, 80, 83, 84, 85, 94

Legacy Calls to Action include “Equity for Aboriginal People in the Legal System” (50-52) and “Education for Reconciliation (62-65) in order to keep all “Justice” and “Education” Calls to Action in one location

See also “Perspectives” post for a complete 6-page colour-coded Status Updates document summarizing all 94 Calls to Action

Indigenous Watchdog Updates

The following presents a year-to-date statistical snapshot of stakeholder actions across ALL themes that are either advancing reconciliation (Legacy and Reconciliation C2As and Government Commitments) or creating roadblocks (Current Problems)

Section20222023Jan. 2024.Feb. 2024Mar. 2024April 2024May 2024June 2024YTD
Current Reality503113365220
Current Problems3151046901069814210477617
Legacy C2As188319353726222920169
Reconciliation C2As11715813171715191495
Govt. Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation4811291471814870
Other Issues: Government Commitments78148201220171718104
Background Content204322438412740202
Indigenous Success Stories383756491243


  • Current Reality includes ALL 94 Calls to Action and Other Issues
  • Legacy C2As, Reconciliation C2As, Government Commitments and Other Issues represent positive steps that are advancing reconciliation
  • Current Problems includes all those in “Calls to Action” plus “Other Issues” and “Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation
  • “Other Issues” presents information on Drinking Water Advisories, Food Insecurity, Suicide Prevention, Urban Commitments to Reconciliation, Housing, Environment and Treaties and Land Claims
  • Background Content provides additional context for Calls to Action and/or Themes
  • Multiple entries for an “Action or Commitment” or “Current Problem” have only been counted once

Notes on the Table Numbers

  • The 22 entries under Schools of Social Work (C2A # 1) are not included as they are the result of an independent project

UPDATES to Current Reality

June 17Drinking Water AdvisoriesAs of June 17, 2024 30 Long-Term Drinking Water Advisories are still in effect in 30 communities for an 83% completion rate. 144 Long-Term DWAs have been lifted
June 21EnvironmentBill C-226 passed and is now law that requires the federal government to develop a national strategy on environmental racism within two years

UPDATES to C2A Status Updates

June 17Journalism and Reconciliation86Of the 21 Schools of Journalism in Canada, only 6 have completely addressed the five specific elements identified in TRC Call to Action # 86; another 6 have partially addressed the same 5 elements.
June 14Child Welfare1Of the 44 Schools of Social Work in Canada, 33 have completely addressed the three specific elements identified in the TRC Call to Action # 1: 3, 4 and 5; 2 will have a mandatory course in Sept, 2024. 9 have no mandatory course(s) including 8 french universities

New Sections

June 17C2A # 86Journalism SchoolsComplete details on how each of 21 Journalism schools have responded to C2A # 86
June 29C2A # 76Indian Residential Schools DataInteractive map of all Indian Residential Schools in Canada developed by federal government
June 29Missing ChildrenIndian Residential Schools DataInteractive map of all Indian Residential Schools in Canada developed by federal government
Government Commitments
Actions and Commitments
Current Problems
Background Content
Indigenous Success Stories

Government Commitments

Home Page: Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation: Government Commitments
2024/06/26 ‘Pivotal moment’: Trudeau and Tsilhqotʼin nation celebrate anniversary of land ruling
2024/06/19 Intergovernmental Meeting between Délı̨nę Got’ı̨nę Government and Government of the Northwest Territories
2024/06/19 New plan protects Blueberry River First Nations land and upholds Treaty rights
2024/06/18 Truth and Reconciliation commissioner recalls dilemma over cultural genocide finding
2024/06/10 Northern MPP to head up Indigenous reconciliation after cabinet shuffle
2024/06/08 A judge, a jock and a journalist walk into a hotel
2024/06/06 Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation included in Ottawa Indigenous peoples centre
2024/06/03 Statement by the Prime Minister on National Indigenous History Month
Home Page: Drinking Water Advisories: Other Issues
2024/06/11 Result in sight for long-delayed water law
Home Page: Environment: Other Issues
2024/06/28 3 First Nations, Manitoba government sign deal on 20-year forestry plan
2024/06/25 First Nations, Ottawa, B.C., announce $335M for protection off Great Bear coast
2024/06/19 B.C.’s ‘war in the woods’ battlegrounds to be permanently protected
2024/06/19 Governments in Yukon sign deal to protect massive conservation area
2024/06/17 A year in review with Canada's Indigenous Services minister
2024/06/14 This new provincial park is the largest created in B.C. in a decade
2024/06/07 More than 100 exploration sites cleaned up in Nunavik, KRG says
Home Page: Housing: Other Issues
2024/06/27 Helping build more homes, faster in Tobique and Bilijk First Nations
2024/06/26 Indigenous led-development: How 670 affordable Vancouver rental homes serve unique community needs
2024/06/17 Montreal shelter will soon open transitional housing project for Indigenous people
2024/06/07 Expansion of the wastewater collection system coming to Watson Lake
Home Page: Treaties and Land Claims: Other Issues
2024/06/24 Proposed treaty would give Kitselas First Nation self-governance
2024/06/21 Justin Trudeau announces $140 million for First Nations’ education needs and to settle a land claim
2024/06/16 Bearspaw First Nation signs historic funding agreement with Canada
Home Page: Urban Commitments to Reconciliation: Other Issues
2024/06/23 Lheidli T’enneh First Nation, regional district and City of Prince George sign updated MOU
2024/06/03 Joint Press Release: Development of Urban Indigenous Community Safety Plan in Thunder Bay
2024/06/03 Vancouver lays out Indigenous rights action plan to mark 10 years of reconciliation

Actions and Commitments

Call to Action # 1: Child Welfare (1-5)
2024/06/20 Federal court approves distribution plan for child welfare compensation
2024/06/19 PM says he will apologize for First Nations child welfare discrimination
2024/06/10 Otipemisiwak Métis Government creating Child Care spaces for Métis families
2024/06/05 Université du Québec en Outaouais School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Laurentian University School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Laurentian University School of Indigenous Relations
2024/06/05 Dalhousie University School of Social Work
2024/06/05 McMaster University School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Université du Québec en Outaouais École de travail social
2024/06/05 University of Windsor School of Social Work
2024/06/05 University of British Columbia - Okanagan - School of Social Work
2024/06/05 University of Waterloo School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Université de Saint-Boniface School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue École de travail social
2024/06/05 Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Université du Québec à Rimouski École de travail social
2024/06/05 Université du Québec à Rimouski École de travail social
2024/06/05 Université de Sherbrooke École de travail social
2024/06/05 Université de Sherbrooke School of Social Work
2024/06/05 First Nations University of Canada, School of Indigenous Social Work
2024/06/05 Université de Saint-Boniface École de travail social
2024/06/05 Université de Laval School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Université de Laval École de travail social
2024/06/05 Université du Québec à Montréal School of Social Work
2024/06/05 Université du Québec à Montréal École de travail social
Call to Action # 3: Child Welfare (1-5)
2024/06/27 AMC and Canada Sign Historic Memorandum of Understanding on Jordan’s Principle Implementation
Call to Action # 4: Child Welfare (1-5)
2024/06/24 Cowichan Tribes now fully responsible for child welfare services
Call to Action # 13: Language and Culture (13-17)
2024/06/11 We were punished for speaking our languages and banned from using them in the legislature. My speech turned a page
2024/06/02 Mi'kmaw-language signs celebrate Indigenous history of 2 P.E.I. locations
Call to Action # 18: Health (18-24)
2024/06/28 Breaking ground on Siksika’s recovery community
2024/06/17 Officials at Weeneebayko hospital receive cash for new hospital
2024/06/11 Government of Canada invests in national coordination and Indigenous-led research on effective substance use interventions
2024/06/04 The fight for access to life-saving medication for Inuit infants
Call to Action # 21: Health (18-24)
2024/06/10 The place where they heal us
Call to Action # 22: Health (18-24)
2024/06/23 Noojimo Health and GreenShield Collaborate to Expand Culturally Safe Mental Wellness Care for Indigenous Communities Across Canada
Call to Action # 24: Health (18-24)
2024/06/01 CMA reflects on National Indigenous History Month
Call to Action # 30: Justice (25-42)
2024/06/10 Government of Saskatchewan Announces Major Investments in Public Safety
Call to Action # 41: Justice (25-42)
2024/06/21 Manitoba lays out next steps in landfill search
2024/06/11 Plan to search landfill for women's remains moves ahead as province approves environmental licence change
2024/06/06 Government of Saskatchewan Releases Cross-Government Progress Report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls+
2024/06/03 2023-2024 Federal Pathway Annual Progress Report
2024/06/03 Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Marks the Fifth Anniversary of National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) with Progress Report on the Implementation of the Calls for Justice
Call to Action # 60: Church Apologies and Reconciliation (58-61)
2024/06/26 First Nation, Catholic Church agree on residential school truths
Call to Action # 62: Education for Reconciliation (62-65)
2024/06/07 34 Cree teachers in Quebec graduate from community-based university programs
Call to Action # 63: Education for Reconciliation (62-65)
2024/06/24 Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Education Met in Ontario for the 112th CMEC Meeting
Call to Action # 66: Youth Programs (66)
2024/06/19 SOI Foundation Renews Partnership with Innu Nation
2024/06/10 Deloitte honours commitment to Canada’s future Indigenous leaders
Call to Action # 68: Museums and Archives (67-70)
2024/06/19 A national historic site reopens with a new look at John A. Macdonald’s legacy
Call to Action # 75: Missing Children and Burial Information (71-76)
2024/06/03 Kimberly Murray’s mandate extended into the fall
2024/06/03 First Nation in B.C. plans dig for remains at ex-school, signs deal with RCMP, province
Call to Action # 76: Missing Children and Burial Information (71-76)
2024/06/28 New tool puts access to old residential schools online
Call to Action # 87: Sports and Reconciliation (87-91)
2024/06/11 Legendary Six Nations runner featured in Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame storytelling series 
Call to Action # 88: Sports and Reconciliation (87-91)
2024/06/21 Edmonton Oilers’ outreach to Indigenous community reaches beyond pregame land recognition video
Call to Action # 92: Business and Reconciliation (92)
2024/06/25 SAP Canada Reflects on its Indigenous Reconciliation Journey
2024/06/11 Woodland Cree, Obsidian Energy resolve northern Alberta standoff
2024/06/06 Boosting Gaspésie’s Blue Economy: Minister Lebouthillier launches a lobster data collection plan in collaboration with First Nations and industry

Current Problems

Home Page: Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation: Government Commitments
2024/06/21 Justin Trudeau’s government is losing its momentum on Indigenous reconciliation, leaders say — and they’re worried a Conservative government could be worse
2024/06/19 Their land, their choice: When economic reconciliation and climate justice conflict
2024/06/14 Concerns about assertion of Métis rights on the BC coast discussed at fisheries forum
2024/06/14 Nunatsiavut government demands Liberal MP's demotion over NunatuKavut comments
2024/06/13 Both Innu Nation, NunatuKavut Community Council claim victory after Federal Court decision
2024/06/12 Court dismisses Innu Nation challenge against recognition of disputed Labrador group
2024/06/11 Canada: International Delegation to Attend Trial of Wet’suwet’en Land Defenders
2024/06/06 First Nation in N.W.T. facing retaliation complaint at human rights tribunal
2024/06/05 Haida Gwaii Agreement: Most say it was right decision, but oppose it as precedent going forward
2024/06/05 ‘Cry out for justice’: Mercury poisoning provokes lawsuit
2024/06/04 ‘We have been met with a hard heart’: Frustrated at lack of progress, Grassy Narrows sues governments for failing to clean up mercury pollution
2024/06/01 Inuit seek ‘fisheries reconciliation’ after federal court strikes down ministerial decision
Home Page: Child Welfare (1-5): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/27 Resolutions on child welfare barred from AFN assembly as chiefs raise concerns
2024/06/26 More health supports needed as billions in child welfare compensation set to roll out: advocates
2024/06/25 AFN national chief says child-welfare funding to top $20B as chiefs raise concerns
2024/06/24 3 regional chiefs voice frustration with AFN's child welfare work
2024/06/21 APTN Investigates: Orphans of Church and State
2024/06/12 Staggering' rate of First Nations newborns involved in Manitoba child welfare system: study
Home Page: Education (6-12): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/27 Nunavut judge sentences Toronto woman to 3 years prison for Inuit identity fraud
2024/06/26 Programs at N.W.T. college in jeopardy because of designation
2024/06/25 Removal of Louis Riel Heritage Minute sparks debate about storytelling, censorship
2024/06/18 Canada must act to end the pretendian problem
2024/06/14 Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) Criticizes the Lack of First Nations Representation and Calls for Dissolution of MVSD Board
2024/06/10 Advocacy group in Yukon accuses territory of inflating graduation numbers
2024/06/05 Indigenous Students Say Law 14 Puts Their Education at Risk
2024/06/04 U.S. finally facing a residential school reckoning
Home Page: Language and Culture (13-17): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/10 Too late to learn another colonial language, say Indigenous students opposing Quebec's Bill 96
Home Page: Health (18-24): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/14 Grand Council Treaty #3 Declares a Nation-Wide Mental Health and Addictions State of Emergency
2024/06/13 Advocates concerned midwifery services closing in Yellowknife
2024/06/11 ‘One death, we learn to deal with it. Multiple deaths was so hard.’
2024/06/10 Inside the brain school
2024/06/07 Grand Chief Leads Call for Funding of New Health Campus
2024/06/05 First Nations 'triaging grief' as opioids claim lives at more than 8 times the rate of the rest of Alberta
2024/06/05 'When someone knocks on the door, we let them in,' Raphaël André's mother tells Quebec coroner
Home Page: Justice (25-42): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/27 RCMP officer allegedly punched Mi’kmaw woman during wellness call
2024/06/18 ‘I Didn’t Want to Get Arrested’
2024/06/17 Rising violence, funding shortfalls: Indigenous police say Ottawa has left them teetering on the edge
2024/06/14 Obstruction Trial Begins for Police Involved in Dale Culver’s Death
2024/06/13 Why are Indigenous people over-incarcerated in Canada?
2024/06/12 ‘It’s quite problematic’: Federal minister questions police decision not to search Winnipeg landfill
2024/06/12 APTN triggers chief coroner to take command of death investigation
2024/06/11 Human rights tribunal to hear expert opinion on Two-Spirit Indigenous prison case
2024/06/11 AMC Raises Concerns Over Appointment of Former WPS Detective to Head Manitoba’s Police Complaints Agency
2024/06/11 ‘Nothing about us without us’: Mi’gmaq group still waiting for Indigenous-led inquiry into systemic racism
2024/06/07 'It's time for action': FSIN reacts to Sask. MMIWG progress report
2024/06/06 Review finds RCMP confusion, communication problems at Saskatchewan mass killing
2024/06/06 Tory MP says he misspoke after NDP MP accuses him of making anti-Indigenous comment
2024/06/05 Family requests judicial review of Crown decision not to charge Edmonton police officer who kicked teenager
2024/06/03 5 years after MMIWG inquiry's final report, former commissioners still waiting for progress
2024/06/03 NWAC’s annual scorecard to assess federal response to the genocide against Indigenous women finds lack of urgency and transparency
2024/06/03 After five years, ‘calls for justice’ on MMIWG2S+ issues still not complete
2024/06/02 How Jeremy Skibicki's 'unusual' defence compares to other serial killer cases
Home Page: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (77-78): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/12 Families should decide who has access to residential school records, conference hears
Home Page: Business and Reconciliation (92): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/11 Indigenous consortium Sixty North Unity enters deal to purchase Northwestel for $1B
Home Page: Drinking Water Advisories: Other Issues
2024/06/12 Calgary’s water woes are giving residents a taste of rez life
Home Page: Environment: Other Issues
2024/06/28 Yukon First Nations blast gov't, industry after 'catastrophic' slide at Eagle mine | CBC News Loaded
2024/06/27 Quebec failed to consult Innu communities on strategy to protect caribou, judge rules
2024/06/24 Environment minister responds to chief's concerns about toxic sewage spill at Chalk River
2024/06/21 A new law aims to crack down on environmental racism in Canada
2024/06/13 Interlake Reserves Tribal Council calls on Manitoba to halt outlet channels project
2024/06/12 Chemical Valley plant under benzene orders to close by 2026
2024/06/12 Indigenous legal trust backs NSDF challenge
2024/06/10 Climate disaster survivors call for cuts to fossil fuel emissions
2024/06/08 B.C. looks into post-fire mushroom picking rush after First Nation reports conflicts
2024/06/07 Canadian mines a threat to Alaskan Indigenous rights
2024/06/06 Yukon board agrees to hold hearing on contaminated mine site
Home Page: Housing: Other Issues
2024/06/11 Advocates say 33 unhoused people have died in Montreal over last 3 years
Home Page: Treaties and Land Claims: Other Issues
2024/06/25 On the 50th anniversary of the Anicinabe Park occupation, veterans call for the land back
2024/06/24 Sipekne’katik First Nation granted a temporary adjournment to allow for mediation with the Crown
2024/06/13 Municipality appealing $1.67M judgement in Sauble Beach boundary dispute with First Nation
2024/06/12 Lax Kw’alaams Band goes to Federal Court to Demand Consultation on the Northern Shelf Bioregion MPA Network
2024/06/11 Commercial fishers worried about fishing out of season – Majority of members have little trust in the government to make good policy decisions for the commercial fishery
2024/06/11 MSIFN leaders raising concerns about zoning orders and consultation with First Nations
2024/06/10 First Nations challenge lawyers over their $510M legal bill for the Robinson treaties annuities case
2024/06/06 Ginoogaming First Nation rejects the Manufactured Consent Propogated by the Greater Sudbury – Wyloo Announcement of Battery Materials Processing Plant
2024/06/01 DFO investigates after dozens of lobster traps belonging to Mi'kmaw fisherman damaged
Home Page: Urban Commitments to Reconciliation: Other Issues
2024/06/10 Group renews calls for new ‘Indigenous specific’ council seat at City of Hamilton

Background Content

Home Page: Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation: Government Commitments
2024/06/14 Some assembly required: First Nations governance from the Haudenosaunee to the AFN
Home Page: Education (6-12): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/28 University of Sask. signs historic agreement for process to verify Inuit identity
2024/06/26 Share your feedback on UM’s Truth and Reconciliation Framework
2024/06/26 Indspire’s “A Feast in the Forest” Celebrated Indigenous Culture and Education During National Indigenous History Month with Sold Out Gala Evening
2024/06/21 Whose treaty is it anyway? The Secret Life of Canada takes a closer look
2024/06/21 Tungasuvvigat Inuit fills Ottawa park for National Indigenous Peoples Day
2024/06/20 Shoomis — A Celebration of Grandfather Teachings for National Indigenous Peoples Day
2024/06/17 Manitoba’s first outlaw
2024/06/12 North America's 1st treaty agreements were recorded in wampum belts
2024/06/05 Indspire announces 2024 Indspire Awards broadcast and Indigenous Geographic partnership
2024/06/04 ‘We are sorry’: University of Manitoba to repatriate hundreds of Indigenous human remains
2024/06/02 Aki Nindoondawaa aims to bring people together through healing, regardless of gender identity
Call to Action # 12: Education (6-12)
2024/06/17 Transforming Post-Secondary Early Childhood Education in Canada with Outdoor and Land-based Teaching and Learning
Home Page: Language and Culture (13-17): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/18 Fort McMurray 468 First Nation Launches its Inaugural Indigenous Environmental, Social, and Governance (IESG) Report
2024/06/10 Indigenous language learners share their bright hope for language revitalization at symposium
Home Page: Justice (25-42): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/21 “I just wanted to help in some way,” Manitoba woman walks for MMIWG
2024/06/06 Saskatchewan RCMP presents responses to recommendations resulting from internal review process and Coroner’s Inquests relating to mass casualty homicides
Call to Action # 29: Justice (25-42)
2024/06/16 Boarding home survivors awaiting compensation now press for federal apology
Call to Action # 41: Justice (25-42)
2024/06/25 Northern Manitoba families who’ve lost women and girls hold each other up
2024/06/04 Pauktuutit responds to Federal Pathways Progress Report on MMIWG.
Call to Action # 66: Youth Programs (66)
2024/06/18 Canada’s Indigenous youth call for environmental reconciliation and inclusion of Indigenous voices when taking climate action
Home Page: Museums and Archives (67-70): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/17 First Nation in Alberta seeks more control over historical resources on lands
Home Page: Missing Children and Burial Information (71-76): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/29 Ottawa launches residential school map to help in search for missing children
Call to Action # 79: Commemoration (79-83)
2024/06/10 The National Healing Forests Initiative 
Home Page: Business and Reconciliation (92): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/25 Manitoba Government Supports New Incubator and Accelerator Program for Indigenous Entrepreneurs
2024/06/25 Pembina, Haisla First Nation greenlight proposed LNG project
2024/06/24 Massive wind energy project planned for Saskatchewan
2024/06/19 Hook, Line and Cannery: Decolonizing Seafood
2024/06/19 New $250-million federal fund to invest in Black, Indigenous and female entrepreneurs
2024/06/18 Ring of Fire roads going ahead after deal signed with 4 First Nations
2024/06/18 Ontario and First Nations Partnering to Support Economic and Resource Development in Northern Ontario
2024/06/11 Haisla members vote overwhelmingly in favour of supporting Cedar LNG
2024/06/07 Mi’kmaq First Nation to become majority owner of two shipyards in Nova Scotia
2024/06/06 First Nations schools benefit from literacy funding from Indigo
2024/06/06 Two-Year Anniversary of the National Indigenous Economic Strategy Celebrated with Announcement of New Indigenous Economic Prosperity Institute
Home Page: Drinking Water Advisories: Other Issues
2024/06/18 Water quality training for those who have the most to protect
Home Page: Environment: Other Issues
2024/06/28 ‘We’re Going to Work Together. That’s the Nutsa’maat Commitment’
2024/06/25 CVW CleanTech Announces a Groundbreaking Framework Agreement with First Nations and Métis Communities for the Commercialization of Its Oil Sands Tailings Technology
2024/06/24 Land Awards Spotlight Indigenous Heroes and Projects
2024/06/18 Finance for Forests: A Guide to Conservation Finance Options for First Nations

Indigenous Success Stories

Home Page: Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation: Government Commitments
2024/06/26 ‘We lost our hero’: Family remembers Red River Métis music legend Ray St. Germain
2024/06/05 Mint drops coin by Inuk artist to celebrate Nunavut
2024/06/05 Canada Post issues third stamp set honouring Indigenous leaders
2024/06/04 Sask. First Nations families travel to France for unveiling of D-Day statue
Home Page: Education (6-12): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/03 How Shirley Williams's traditional knowledge helped her become a professor at Trent University
Home Page: Language and Culture (13-17): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/27 “Star Wars (Anangong Miigaading), A New Hope”: An alliance to revitalize the Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe) language set to make its premiere August 8, 2024
Home Page: Health (18-24): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/24 Edith Anderson Monture of Six Nations was a woman of several firsts
Home Page: Justice (25-42): Legacy Calls to Action
2024/06/13 Blazing the trail: Indigenous legal firsts in Canadian history
Home Page: Media and Reconciliation (84-86): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/25 Rick Garrick Debwewin Citation recipient for excellence in journalism
Home Page: Sports and Reconciliation (87-91): Reconciliation CTAs (43-94)
2024/06/26 Former NAIG president to be inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame
2024/06/19 How Kenneth Moore became the 1st Indigenous person in Canada to win Olympic gold
Home Page: Environment: Other Issues
2024/06/14 Media advisory: Canada Post to unveil stamp honouring First Nations water-rights activist Josephine Mandamin in third issue of the Indigenous Leaders stamp series

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