Call to Action # 92: Actions and Commitments

Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

November 6, 2017

Business Advocacy Groups

Jane Phillpot, Minister of Indigenous Services Keynote address 25th Annual CPP Conference, Nov. 2017

Established in 1993, CCPPP is a national not-for-profit non-partisan, member-based organization with broad representation from across the public and private sectors. Its mission is to promote smart, innovative and modern approaches to infrastructure development and service delivery through public-private partnerships with all levels of government. CCPPP has over 400 member organizations from across Canada and abroad.

25th Annual CPP Conference, Nov. 2017: keynote address by Jane Phillpot, Minister of Indigenous Services:

“Where I particularly see the potential for P3s to have an impact in indigenous communities is through the fantastic ability to bring design innovation to address risk transfer and the full costing of assets including the very important role of operations and maintenance,” Philpott explained. She also discussed some early P3 project success stories in indigenous communities including the Tlicho all-season road in the Northwest Territories. “It’s going to connect the community, allow for increased economic development and reduce the tremendous cost of transporting goods and services in and out of Whati (First Nations Community),” Philpott noted.

Minister Philpott will highlight the challenges in overcoming the infrastructure deficit in indigenous communities and discuss the need for innovative solutions, including partnerships among these communities, government and the private sector. This innovation will be important as we work with Indigenous partners to build clean drinking water facilities, safe schools, all-season roads, clean and reliable energy, broadband connectivity, and housing in indigenous communities.