Call to Action # 92: Actions and Commitments

Conference Board of Canada

September 15, 2017

Business Advocacy Groups

“Options and Opportunities: Resource Revenue Sharing Between the Crown and Indigenous Groups in Canada”

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Canada’s Indigenous communities are closely linked to the country’s natural resources sector. Today, private agreements to share benefits and encourage Indigenous community participation have become a common feature of resource sector projects across Canada. The shift in corporate-Indigenous relations complements a parallel shift in Crown-Indigenous relations at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels. This is evident in the increasing number of resource revenue sharing agreements (C-RRS) being developed between Indigenous groups and their provincial/territorial counterparts.

“Options and Opportunities: Resource Revenue Sharing Between the Crown and Indigenous Groups in Canada” Sept. 15, 2017

This report is the first of an ongoing series on resource governance by The Conference Board of Canada’s Northern and Aboriginal Policy group. It provides an overview of options and opportunities for Crown resource revenue sharing with Indigenous groups in Canada, summarizes findings from our ongoing research, and distills insights from forums we participated in throughout 2016–17.

The report identified the following recommendations for Advancing Crown Resource Revenue Sharing With Indigenous Groups:

  • Ensure Indigenous Groups Are Involved in Every Stage of C-RRS Development
  • Ensure That Indigenous Governments Have the Capacity to Meaningfully Participate in C-RRS Agreements
  • Carefully Consider All C-RRS Approaches, Including Hybrid Arrangements
  • Ensure Stakeholders Understand the Potential Cyclical Nature of Revenues From Resource Development Projects
  • Monitor and Report on the Performance of C-RRS Agreements Once Implementation Begins