Call to Action # 33: Actions and Commitments


April 13, 2007

Other Govt. Response to FASD Programs

FASD Strategy

Manitoba’s FASD Strategy is an interdepartmental partnership, with direction from the Healthy Child Committee of Cabinet, working together to support the community to address FASD. Manitoba Children and Youth Opportunities, through Healthy Child Manitoba, chairs this initiative. The Manitoba government continues to invest in and expand their 2007 FASD Strategy, and remains committed to the strategy’s five essential goals: Knowledge, Prevention, Intervention, Evidence, Quality

December 21, 2020

Other Govt. Response to FASD Programs

FASD training Package

Developed a comprehensive FASD training package in partnership with numerous FASD service providers. The training package will include four modules:

  1. the social context of FASD,
  2. prevention/stigma,
  3. what is FASD?
  4. strategies for support/intervention.

Module 1 includes two Elders teachings (a Unity Teaching and an Alcohol Teaching), which teach participants how colonization, residential schools and intergenerational trauma has impacted Indigenous communities


Other Govt. Response to FASD Programs

Manitoba FASD Centre

The Manitoba FASD Centre is a multidisciplinary assessment, education, training and research service of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Child Health Program. It provides assessment and diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in individuals. The Centre, established in 2009 and located at the Rehabilitation Centre for Children, was formerly the Clinic for Alcohol & Drug Exposed Children (CADEC) which had been operating from Winnipeg Children’s Hospital since 1999. The renamed service reflects an expanded mandate with a significant increase of services that include: Assessment, Education, Training and Research