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Chiefs of Ontario 2022 Needs and Challenges

April 26, 2022

Chiefs of Ontario: Priorities for next provincial government

Creating a New Legacy: Building a Strong Foundation for Future Generations

Chiefs of Ontario: In this document, the Chiefs in Ontario collectively developed five priority areas that address many of the economic and social inequities faced by First Nations across Ontario. Creating a New Legacy is a call to action for the next provincial government to commit to a renewed relationship based on mutual respect and the recognition of our inherent and treaty rights.

“I am urging a full commitment from the next elected provincial government, based on the spirit and intent of reconciliation, and recognition of First Nations’ inherent and Treaty-protected rights,” said Ontario Regional Chief Glen Hare. “It is time for us – both First Nations and the Government of Ontario – to embrace effective self-determined solutions.”

First Nations leadership are seeking a commitment from the next provincial government to act on the five following priority areas:

Renewed Relationship: First Nations Rights, Laws, and Self-determination

  • Consultation with First Nations is a Duty not a Checkbox 
  • Reestablishing First Nations Laws and Legal Orders
  • Building a Renewed Relationship with First Nations
  • Re-Affirming First Nations as the Original Peoples
  • Nation-Building Requires Data Sovereignty

2.   Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

  • Empowering First Nations in Environmental Protection and Territorial Management
  • Building a Strong Economy for First Nations
  • Access to Affordable and Sustainable Housing and Related Infrastructure

3.   Health and Emergency Preparedness

  • A New Approach to Public Health
  • Improving Mental Health and Addictions Services for First Nations
  • Improving Equitable Access to Long-Term Care and Community Care Services
  • Pandemic and All Hazards Emergency Response

4.   Community Well-being

  • Creating a New Legacy for First Nations Women, Youth, and 2SLGBTQQIA+ People
  • Revitalizing First Nations Education through Traditional Land-Based Learning
  • Improving the Well-being of First Nations Children and Families

5.   Indian Residential School Investigations

“I call upon the provincial government to work in full partnership with First Nations to address the priorities issues outlined in the Creating a New Legacy report. These priorities must be top of the legislative agenda and be met with concrete action and an all-of-government approach to create a strong foundation for First Nations and all Ontarians.”

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