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April 9, 2018

Fed. Govt.

Government Housing Partnership Framework

Federal, provincial and territorial governments are primary partners in housing and have a shared responsibility and complementary roles for housing. This is why together, under the Partnership, the federal, provincial and territorial governments will work together to help make housing more affordable and accessible through the following initiatives:

1. Canada Housing Benefit
2. Canada Community Housing Initiative
3. Provincial/Territorial Priority Funding, and
4. Funding for the northern territories.

Announced on National Housing Day, November 22, 2017, the National Housing Strategy (NHS), is an ambitious 10-year, $40-billion plan that will remove 530,000 families from housing need and reduce chronic homelessness by 50%.
One of the four The Long-Term Housing Ojectives states:
NHS shared investments seek to lift Canadians out of housing need and:

  • reduce homelessness year-over-year;
  • support the community housing sector;
  • increase housing supply;
  • improve housing conditions and affordability — including for Indigenous peoples and those living in the North;
  • promote social inclusion;
  • contribute to environmental sustainability; and i
  • improve economic stability in Canada through job creation, training and support to local enterprise.

The Housing Partnership Framework also provides details on:

  • National Housing Strategy Principles
  • Working Together
  • Government Partnership Principles
  • Bilateral Arrangements
  • Canada Community Housing Initiative
  • Support Provincial, TerritoryT priorities
  • Canada Housing Benefit
  • Targeted Funding for the North