Church Apologies and Reconciliation (58-61): Current Problems

Misleading update information

June 11, 2021

Misleading Update Information

The Official website of the Federal Government: “Delivering on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action” stated that the content had been “Modified” when in fact not a single work had changed from the previous update posted on Sept, 5, 2019. Those updates, beginning on June 7 began just 11 days after the discovery of 215 unmarked graves in Kamloops and the resulting outcry over the lack of government actions and resolve in addressing the TRC Calls to Action and, in particular, those relating to Missing Children and Burial Information (C2A 71-76). To deliberately draw attention to “Modified” Calls to Action implies that something has been revised or updated and that there is progress in advancing those specific Calls to Action.

The federal government stated that they had modified the content in seven Calls to Action:

  • Commemoration
  • Justice
  • National Council for Truth and Reconciliation
  • Church Apologies
  • Education for Reconciliation
  • Missing Children and Burial Information
  • National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

The above represent a potential 33 Calls to Action for which the Federal government is directly or jointly accountable. And not a work was actually changed! What does that say about the government’s commitment to honesty, transparency, accountability – and respect.

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