Indigenous Success Stories


Cree Nation Governance Agreement allows for private home ownership

April 17, 2019

Cree Nation Government – This first Amendment of the Cree Nation Governance Agreement is a watershed moment for private homeownership for the Cree of Eeyou Istchee. Today’s amendment will, for the first time, permit true private homeownership for the Crees. It will help to create wealth for Cree homeowners and business opportunities for Cree entrepreneurs while freeing community housing for low-income Crees, the elderly and the youth. Grand Chief Abel Bosum Chairperson, Cree Nation Government

The amendment to the Cree Nation Governance Agreement removes the previous 75-year term limit on residential land grants for Crees. As a result of the proposed Budget investments, loans incurred by the Cree Nation as part of negotiations of the Eeyou Marine Region Land Claims Agreement would be eligible for reimbursement. Forgiving and reimbursing loans would provide additional funding for Indigenous groups like the Cree Nation to invest in priorities like housing and help narrow the socio-economic gap that exists between Indigenous peoples and all Canadians.