First Nations-Canada Joint Committee on Climate Action Annual Report

August 13, 2021

Assembly of First Nations – First Nations-Canada Joint Committee on Climate Action (JCCA) released its third annual report to the Prime Minister and the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. The JCCA’s annual report documents the positive steps taken towards reconciliation and forging a stronger climate partnership in 2020. This year’s report highlights the Joint Committee’s work in five key areas:
1. Ensuring First Nations’ full and effective participation in federal clean growth and climate change programs.
2. Empowering First Nations leadership in emerging opportunities for climate action.
3. Enabling the meaningful participation of First Nations in the carbon pollution pricing system.
4. Developing First Nations–specific indicators and criteria to report on the implementation of climate-related federal funding programs and outcomes for First Nations.
5. Fostering intergenerational dialogue on climate change.
The JCCA’s mandate does not replace or alleviate the Crown of its duty to consult First Nations rights-holders at a local, regional and national level on issues related to climate change. As the JCCA continues to focus on its core mandate of providing joint advice on the implementation of the PCF, the SCP and First Nations’ climate priorities, it positions at the core of its work the paradigm of First Nations Climate Leadership, the importance of empowering self-determined climate action, and the conviction that First Nations have a unique perspective that is integral to the way we collectively respond to the changing climate. This report documents our journey through the third year of collaboration, describing our shared strategies, and some challenges, for accelerating positive climate outcomes.