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Shoomis — A Celebration of Grandfather Teachings for National Indigenous Peoples Day

June 20, 2024

Discover the 7 Grandfather Teachings with CBC’s Sara Kae and Jasmine Kabatay 

CBC News · Posted: Jun 20, 2024 4:00 AM EDT | Last Updated: June 21

People in regalia walk through the frame.
Dancers participate in the two-spirit powwow in Thunder Bay, Ont. We took you there for our June 21 special on National Indigenous Peoples Day. (Sarah Law/CBC)

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CBC Indigenous: To celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day today, June 21, CBC Thunder Bay produced a morning of special coverage to reflect on this special day. 

Co-hosts Sara Kae and Jasmine Kabatay hosted Shoomis: A Celebration of Grandfather Teachingson CBC Radio One from the shores of Gichigami, also known as Lake Superior, on Robinson-Superior Treaty land in Thunder Bay.

Shoomis means grandfather in Anishinaabemowin and the Seven Grandfather teachings are a set of guiding principles passed down from generation to generation to guide Anishinaabe to live a good life. 

Scroll below to listen to the show’s segments: 

Two women pose for a photo.
CBC’s Jasmine Kabatay and Sara Kae hosted a special morning of programming on CBC Radio One on June 21 in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day. (Marc Doucette/CBC)

We begin with elder Wanda Baxter, our guide throughout the program, to help us learn what the teachings mean

Superior Morning5:58 NIPD 2024 – Elder Wanda Baxter: The Seven Grandfather TeachingsMany Anishinaabe People follow the Seven Grandfather teachings.We find out what they mean. 

This video game immerses players in Anishinaabe culture

4 days ago

Duration 3:07Nokiiwin Tribal Council and York University professor Maya Chacaby collaborated to create Bishkabiiyaang, an Indigenous metaverse. The video game encourages people to learn Anishinaabe culture, language and stories. The CBC’s Sara Kanutski sat down with Chacaby to check out the demo before the game is released to the public.

Then, we meet Maya Cacaby, who collaborated with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council to create Bishkabiiyaang, an Indigenous metaverse virtual game that encourages the learning of Anishinaabe culture, language and stories. 

Superior Morning10:22NIPD 2024 – Maya Chacaby: BishkabiiyaangNokiiwin Tribal Council and Professor Maya Chacaby collaborated to created Bishkabiiyaang, an Indigenous metaverse.The virtual game will encourage the learning of Anishinaabe culture, language, and stories. 

Deanne Hupfield spoke with CBC’s Tessa Harper about a regalia-making workshop happening in Kingfisher Lake First Nation this week, and the personal meanings behind the regalia you’ll see at powwows and gatherings. 

Superior Morning6:18NIPD 2024 – Deanne Hupfield: Regalia MakingHear about the creation of Indigenous regalia, and also the importance and personal meaning behind them.

Language keeper Charlotte Marten told Jasmine Kabatay about her work using puppets to teach Anishinaabemowin to childrendemonstrating the value of humility. While Kim Wheeler, the producer of the Words and Culture podcast, and author Waubgeshig Rice explain the importance of keeping the language alive through new media

Reviving traditional language in a playful way

5 days ago

Duration 2:24Language is an important and vital part of Indigenous culture. Over the years, efforts have been ongoing to revitalize it. There have been books, workshops, games and in Thunder Bay, it can also come in the form of a puppet show. The CBC’s Jasmine Kabatay caught up with Charlotte Marten, who put on two puppet shows at this year’s Fort William First Nation annual hide tanning camp.

Superior Morning 8:36NIPD 2024 – Charlotte Marten: Puppet ShowHear from a woman who put on a puppet show in Anishinaabemowin and Oji-Cree at Fort William First Nation’s annual hide tanning camp.

Superior Morning 9:47NIPD 2024 – Kim Wheeler/Waubgeshig Rice: ‘Words & Culture”Words and Culture’ is a new show bringing five different Indigenous languages to the national airwaves.

Filmmakers Catherine Bainbride and Neil Diamond talk to us about challenging stereotypes in film and their new documentary Red Fever, which looks at the different ways Indigenous people have shaped Western society, from democracy to football. 

Superior Morning 8:29 NIPD 2024 – Neil Diamond/Catherine Bainbride: ‘Red Fever’Filmakers Neil Diamond and Catherine Bainbride talk about their new project ‘Red Fever.’

CBC’s Lisa-Marie Esquega meets with Michelle Desroiser, who talks about her work teaching yoga with a trauma-informed yoga practice that she shares with the community.

Superior Morning 9:19 NIPD 2024 – Michelle Deroiser: Manifesting MovementGet ready to focus on your breath during this next story.CBC’s Lisa Marie Esquega sat down with Michelle Deroiser to talk about her trauma informed yoga practice that she shares with the community. 

We look at the life and legacy of Josephine Mandamin, environmentalist, water walker and water protector who embodies all of the Grandfather Teachings, but most especially, love. 

Superior Morning8:01 NIPD 2024 – Regina Mandamin/Joanne Robertson: The Indigenous Leader Stamp SeriesJosephine Mandamin will be honoured for her activism for the protection of water by Canada Post.She will be one of the individuals who will appear on their 2024 Indigenous Leaders stamp series.Sara Kae spoke with her daughter, Regina Mandamin, and Joanne Robertson who talked about receiving the news and its importance. 

Honouring Josephine Mandamin

3 days ago

Duration 2:27Canada Post is honouring Josephine Mandamin in its third annual Indigenous Leaders stamp series. Family and friends gathered in Thunder Bay, Ont., to commemorate Mandamin and the work she did as an environmentalist and water protection advocate.

The two-spirit powoww honours people living their true selves and accepting yourself as you are. Tessa Harper attended a recent two-spirit powwow in Thunder Bay and brings us to meet the people participating there. 

Superior Morning 4:57 NIPD 2024 – Tessa Harper: Two Spirit Powwow The CBC’s Tessa Harper spoke with individuals celebrating both National Indigenous History Month and Pride Month.