What’s New in Indigenous Watchdog? Updates Feb. 1 – March 1, 2023

Calls to Action (C2A) Status: March 1, 2023

Not StartedStalledIn ProgressComplete
StatusLegacy Calls to Action
(1-42) + 50-52, 62-65
Reconciliation Calls to Action
Not Started2, 9, 26, 34, 42, 51, 52, 6445, 46, 47, 55, 56, 89
Stalled6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 29, 30, 3258, 62, 71, 77, 78, 87, 92, 93
Complete13, 15, 4149, 59, 67, 68, 70, 80, 83, 84, 85, 94
Legacy Calls to Action include “Equity for Aboriginal People in the Legal System” (50-52) and “Education for Reconciliation (62-65) in order to keep all “Justice” and “Education” Calls to Action in one location

See also “Perspectives” post for a complete 6-page colour-coded document summarizing all 94 Calls to Action

Indigenous Watchdog Updates

They following presents a year-to-date statistical snapshot of stakeholder actions across ALL themes that are either advancing reconciliation (Legacy and Reconciliation C2As and Government Commitments) or creating roadblocks (Current Problems)

Section20202021Jan. 31Mar. 1Mar. 31Apr. 30YTD
Current Reality2647416
Current Problems1892135883141
Legacy C2As96159262046
Reconciliation C2As558831114
Govt. Commitments325
Other Issues131629
Indigenous Success Stories9514


  • Current Reality includes ALL 94 Calls to Action and Other Issues
  • Legacy C2As, Reconciliation C2As and Government Commitments represent positive steps that advance reconciliation
  • Current Problems includes all “Calls to Action” plus “Other Issues” and “Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation
  • “Other Issues” presents information on Drinking Water Advisories, Food Insecurity, Urban Commitments to Reconciliation, Housing, Environment and Treaties and Land Claims

New Sections

SectionCall to Action ThemeWhere located
UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous PeopleUN DeclarationHome Page – Explore Content by Theme
Ontario Chamber of CommerceBusiness & ReconciliationHome Page – Explore by Stakeholder

Government Commitments

Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation
JurisdictionDateIndigenous GroupComment
Nunavut, Newfoundland and LabradorFeb. 8InuitGovernments of Nunavut and Newfoundland and Labrador sign MOU to strengthen areas of collaboration, partnership and future development
FederalFeb. 24MétisCanada and Métis Nation of Ontario sign updated Métis self-government agreement
Current Problems with Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation
Update to First Nations: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario
Dec. 21, 2022: By ignoring the Duty to Consult First Nations, three Candian Premiers show their true colours
Update to “First Nations”: BC
Feb. 22: “This Place felt like a torture chamber” (BC Legislature)
Update to “First Nations”: Canada
Feb. 24: Métis Nation of Alberta mounts court challenge to Manitoba Métis self-government deal

Legacy Calls to Action


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Manitoba
Feb. 8: Mother found dead after sharing video about struggle with Manitoba’s child welfare system, domestic violence
Update to: “Systemic Racism”: Newfoundland and Labrador
Feb. 12: After years of delay, the inquiry into the treatment of Innu children in care begins hearings
Feb. 17: Colonial governments continue to destroy Innu land and traditional cultures, says longtime activist and elder
Update to: “Canadian Human Rights Commission”
Feb. 14: First Nations child welfare talks yield ‘substantial progress’ toward amended settlement
Update to “Child and Youth Advocate Reports”: Alberta
Mar. 1: Child and Youth Advocate releases “Summary Report: 10 Years of Investigations: April 1, 2012–March 31, 2022
Call to Action # 4

Federal government to enact Indigenous Child welfare legislation

Update to “Bill C-92”
Feb. 2: Alberta First Nation signs child welfare agreement with feds without the province


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Education Institutions”
Feb. 1: Controversial academic meets noisy resistance at University of Lethbridge after school halts planned lecture
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Federal
Feb. 13: Governor General’s office closes social media comments after a wave of hateful remarks
Update to “Indigenous Identity”
Feb. 16: Senator says more awareness needed of ‘invisible crime’ of Indigenous identity theft


Call to Action # 62

Federal, provincial and territory governments to consult on Indigenous education reform: curriculum content, funding

Update to “Mandatory Govt. K-12 Commitments to Indigenous Curriculum: Ontario
Feb. 1: “To be or not to be”: Toronto District School Board to vote on swapping out Shakespeare for indigenous authors in Grade 11
Feb. 2: Toronto School Board makes Indigenous course mandatory for Grade 11 English credit
Update to “Mandatory Govt. K-12 Commitments to Indigenous Curriculum: Northwest Territories
Feb. 2: Government of Northwest Territories pilots Northern Solutions 30 course and treaty simulations in NWT schools
Update to “Mandatory Govt. K-12 Commitments to Indigenous Curriculum: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Feb. 11: As more high schools add Indigenous-focused compulsory courses, some warn against a soloed approach
Update to “Mandatory Govt. K-12 Commitments to Indigenous Curriculum: Manitoba
Feb. 24: Manitoba government releases final report of Poverty and Education Task Force (including Indigenous recommendations)


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Objections to Bill C-92”
Feb. 11: Educators say more support needed to keep Indigenous languages alive
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Cultural Success”
Feb. 3: Reclaiming identity in the face of systemic erasure
Update to “Indigenous Languages in Canada”
Feb. 21: Special Issue: The Erasure and Revitalization of Indigenous Cultures and Languages – Genocide Studies International CALL FOR PAPERS

Call to Action # 14

Federal Government to enact an Indigenous Languages Act

Update to “Government Actions to support Indigenous Languages: BC
Feb. 21: B.C. First Nations Languages Report shows increase in language learners, needs long-term support


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Manitoba
Feb. 2: Manitoba medical group apologizes to Indigenous people for racism (College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba)
Update to “Health Care Reform”: Saskatchewan
Feb. 4: Doug Cuthand: First Nations’ right to health care is being compromised
Update to “Health Care Reform”: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Métis National Council
Feb. 7: First Nations leaders pan Trudeau letter ducking request for seat at health-care talks
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Alberta
Feb. 8: Indigenous man furious after terminally ill mother put in ‘storage room’ after being discharged from Calgary hospital
Feb. 22: Mother gives birth to still born child and given the wrong body to bury
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador
Feb. 22: Provinces lag behind Ottawa in offering crucial supports to those who’ve been switched at birth
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: BC
Feb. 11: Behind the push to expand mandatory treatment for mental health and addiction in B.C.
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: Manitoba
Feb. 13: Frustration mounts in Cross Lake, Manitoba where ambulance service has been in limbo for two years
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: BC
Feb. 13: Indigenous advocates call for more culturally informed addictions treatment in BC
Update to “Health Care Reform: Saskatchewan
Feb. 14: Northern, Indigenous communities need better access to organ transplants says Saskatchewan advocate
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Bringing Reconciliation to Health Care”: BC
Feb. 18: Reclaiming Body Sovereignty: A Haíɫzaqv woman is planning the 1st birth in her home territory in 21 years
Call to Action # 18

All levels of government to recognize and implement health care rights of Indigenous peoples

Update to “Govt. Recognition of Indigenous Rights to Health: Northwest Territories
Feb. 15: Indigenous patient advocates start work next week in Northwest Territories
Update to “Govt. Recognition of Indigenous Rights to Health: Alberta
Feb. 21: Record investment in Alberta’s primary health care
Call to Action # 21

Federal government to provide ongoing funding for existing and new Indigenous Healing Centres

Update to “Investments in Indigenous Healing Centres”: Nunavut
Feb. 15: Canada invests in a new men’s shelter and wellness centre in Pond Inlet
Feb. 15: Nunavut Recovery Centre expected to be completed 2025
Call to Action # 23

Federal, provincial and territory governments to increase the hiring and retention of Indigenous healthcare workers

Update to “Commitment to Aboriginal Health Care Workers”: Nova Scotia
Feb. 24: More funding to support health care recruitment in Mi’kmaw communities
Update to: “Commitments to Aboriginal Healthcare Workers”: Ontario
Feb. 28: Queen’s Weeneebayko Health Education Program launched with support from the Mastercard Foundation to transform Indigenous healthcare in the region
Mar. 1: New program to prepare Indigenous students for careers in health care


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”
Feb. 1: Five Prince George Mounties charged in death of Indigenous man
Feb. 9: RCMP reveals which provinces’ Mounties did least amount of mandatory anti-racism training
Feb. 24: BC orders probe into allegations RCMP dropped ball investigating abuse of Indigenous girls in Prince George
Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing”
Feb. 23: Researchers fill data gap in police-involved killings
Feb. 26: Québec Inuit jailed 15 times more than provincial incarceration average (Québec)
Feb. 28: Families charge “Police Neglect” over Missing Person investigation (Vancouver Police Department)
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”: Federal
Feb. 1: Healing lodges, designed for Indigenous inmates, are failing the people they’re meant to rehabilitate, say prison reform advocates
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”: Manitoba
Feb. 4: Digging for Answers (Searching landfills for human remains)
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”: BC
Feb. 9: PHSA did not consistently provide access to mental health, substance use services for Indigenous people in BC Correctional Centres
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”
Feb. 17: Ex-national chief who helped create Assembly of First Nations (AFN) says organization now ‘in limbo’
Feb. 20: Canadian registry of wrongful convictions shines light on cases the headlines miss
Update to “Supreme Court”
Feb. 5: Supreme Court to hear Charter appeal testing Indigenous residency rules
Feb. 7: The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal in a case involving Treaty rights and limitations law
Update to: “Court Challenges”
Feb. 8: They fought for decades to be recognized as Indigenous. Now they want to take the federal government to court
Feb. 19: Hereditary Chief refuses to leave job, but band members have voted to oust her
Feb. 24: New registry shows Indigenous peoples largely shut out of wrongful conviction cases
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Manitoba
Feb. 9: For 50 days she stood vigil at a Winnipeg landfill. The alleged serial killer charged in her mother’s death goes to court today
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”:
Feb. 23: How missing Indigenous women could be saved with ‘Red Dress Alert’
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Federal
Feb. 13: ‘These are real people’: NDP MP slams Correctional Service Canada over systemic racism
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Manitoba
Feb. 13: Mother files lawsuit alleging racist treatment led to beating death of Anishinaabe son at Headingly jail
Update to “Federal and Provincial Justice Inquiries”: Federal
Feb. 17: Indigenous leaders and MMIWG families want movement on Calls to Justice
Update to “AFN-Canada MOU on Joint Priorities: Policing
Feb. 21: Challenge of the decision rendered on Dec. 15, 2022 in favour of Mashteuiatsh
Call to Action # 26

Federal, provincial and territory governments to review and amend their respective Statutes of Limitation

Update to “Why Not Started?”
Feb. 7: The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal in a case involving treaty rights and limitation law
Update to “Actions Against Statute of Limitations”: Federal, Alberta
Feb. 7: The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to appeal in a case involving treaty rights and limitation law
Call to Action # 27

Federation of Law Societies of Canada to ensure lawyers receive cultural competency and Indigenous rights training

Update to “Why In Progress?””
Feb. 6: Indigenous course to continue after lawyers vote to keep Alberta law society rule 67.4 for mandated education by a vote of 2,669 to 864 of the 3,473 votes cast
Update to “Commitments of Law Societies”: Alberta
Feb. 6: Indigenous course to continue after lawyers vote to keep Alberta law society rule 67.4 for mandated education by a vote of 2,669 to 864 of the 3,473 votes cast
Call to Action # 29

Federal Government and Parties to IRSSA to reach settlement agreements for those excluded from the TRC process

Update to “Settlements for Parties Excluded from the IRSSA: Indian Day Schools
Feb. 27: First Nations leaders voice support for $2.8B federal agreement to settle lawsuit on residential schools
Call to Action # 31

Federal government to provide stable funding to implement alternatives to imprisonment

Update to “Government Actions to Reduce Overrepresentation: Manitoba
Feb. 7: Manitoba Indigenous organizations taking the lead on court supports
Call to Action # 36

Federal, provincial and territory governments to deliver culturally relevant services to inmates on social issues

Update to “Govt. Commitment to Culturally Relevant Services”: Ontario
Feb. 6: Ontario Justice Centre opens in Kenora
Call to Action # 41

Federal government to appoint a public inquiry into MMIWG

Update to “Government Commitments to Prevent Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Federal
Feb. 7: Federal government announces $500K for feasibility study on Winnipeg-area landfill search
Feb. 23: Statement: Renewed and ongoing supports for families of missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls and 2SLGBTQI+ people
Update to Background Content: “Bill S-3: An Act to Amend the Indian Act”
Feb. 24: Northern Alberta First Nation welcomes ruling declaring elections laws discriminatory
Update to “Government Commitments to Prevention of Violence Against Indigenous Women: Federal, Yukon
Feb. 21: Council of Yukon First Nations plans to open shelter for indigenous women and children in Whitehorse

Reconciliation Calls to Action


Home page – Current Reality
Update to “Current Reality”
March 1: UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous People starts 10-day visit
Home Page – Background Content
NEW SECTION: UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous People
March 1: UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous People starts 10-day visit


Home Page – Background Content
Update to “What is the Doctrine of Discovery?”
Feb. 17: Why is the St. Catherine’s Milling decision Important?


Home Page – Background Content
Update to “What is the Doctrine of Discovery?”
Feb. 17: Why is the St. Catherine’s Milling decision Important?


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Lack of Updates on Calls to Action”: Federal
Feb. 6: Feds unable to list Indigenous communities consulted on reconciliation council bill


Call to Action # 57

All levels of government to provide education to civil servants on Indigenous issues, history and treaties

Update to “Govt. Commitments to Hiring Indigenous Workers”: NWT
Feb. 16: MLA questions what’s stopping N.W.T government from hiring more Indigenous people


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”
Feb. 13: More than 100 years after it was taken, Nuxalk totem pole to begin trek home from Victoria museum
Feb. 16: Haudenosaunee Confederacy retrieves sacred objects from Geneva museum
Call to Action # 67

Federal government and Canadian Museums provide funding for national review of museum policies and best practices

Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”
Feb. 22: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) returns Poundmaker’s pipe and saddle bag back to family


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Challenges for Special Interlocutor”
Feb. 9: Interlocutor on unmarked graves ‘very concerned’ by feds $2M deal with international organization
Feb. 17: Feds will manage group providing options on residential school unmarked burials
Feb. 18: First Nations discuss best practices in Thunder Bay as searches of residential school site continues
Feb. 20: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation ‘deeply concerned’ by federal contract with international group to advise on graves
Feb. 22: Anishinabek Nation trusts Indigenous survivors, communities and experts to guide unmarked burial searches regardless of federal deal with international group
Update to “Discoveries of Unmarked Graves”
Feb. 18: NDP MP calls for hate speech law to combat residential school ‘denialism’
Update to “Discoveries of Unmarked Graves”: BC
Feb. 21: Suspected grave site, children’s deaths found in probe of BC residential school
Feb. 28: “They’re the ones that are warriors”. Guided by survivors’ memories Tseshaht First Nation is uncovering horrific truths about Alberni IRS

Call to Action # 75

Federal, provincial, territory and municipal governments to identify, protect and commemorate residential school cemeteries

Update to “Commitments to Residential School Cemeteries”: Federal
Feb. 7: Ottawa spending $2M for international commission to offer advice on unmarked graves
Feb. 17: International Commission on Missing Persons to undertake outreach and engagement services with Indigenous communities on unmarked burial sites


Call to Action # 77

Provincial, territory, municipal and community archives to collaborate with NCTR on collection of all records

Update to “Government Commitments to Residential School Records”
Feb. 21: Cadmus Delorme to chair federal committee identifying and sharing historical residential school records


Call to Action # 80

Federal government to establish a statutory holiday “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”

Update to “Provinces, Territories Support the National Day”: BC
Feb. 7: BC introduces legislation to make National Day for Reconciliation a September statutory holiday
Update to “Provinces, Territories Support the National Day”: Northwest Territories
Feb. 9: Have Your Say on the NWT’s National Day for Truth and Reconciliation
Call to Action # 82

Provincial and territory governments to commission and install a Residential School monument in each capital city

Update to “Provincial/Territory Responses to City Monuments”: Manitoba
Feb 7: Chief Peguis monument coming to grounds of Manitoba legislature


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Media Protests and the RCMP”
Feb. 13: Why the Narwhal is suing the RCMP?
Update to “Media Transgressions”
Feb. 26: ‘You don’t know how much it hurts’: online trolls used murdered Alberta First Nation woman’s image to harass her family on Facebook


Call to Action # 90

Federal government to ensure national sports policies and programs are inclusive

Update to “Govt. Funding Commitments for Aboriginal Sports: Saskatchewan
Feb. 24: Sports professionals discuss reconciliation, inclusion of Indigenous communities in athletics


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Issues”
Feb. 3: Opinion: How to stop the indigenous brain drain?
Update to “Individual Business Initiatives”: BC
Feb. 17: Fisheries Department to shut 15 salmon farms off BC’s coast to protect wild fish
Call to Action # 92
Update to “Government Programs”: Yukon
Feb. 8: Public engagement begins on new minerals legislation
Update to “Government Programs”: Federal, Manitoba
Feb. 22: New federal investments in Indigenous initiatives and communities across Manitoba announced by Minister Vandal
NEW SECTION: Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Feb. 16: Ontario Chamber and Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business (CCAB) working to advance economic reconciliation in Ontario

Other Issues

Home Page – Background Content
Update to: Suicide Prevention Initiatives: Federal
Feb. 6: Working Together to Prevent Suicide in Canada: the 2022 Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention Progress Report
Update to “Suicide Prevention Initiatives”: Nunavut
Feb. 24: Kitikmeot tour a success for men’s suicide prevention program
Home Page – Current Reality
Update “Infographic” and “DWA Table”
Feb. 3: 138 Long-Term DWA lifted since 2015, 32 long-term DWA current in 28 communities: 81% complete
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Long-Term Drinking Water Advisories”: Ontario
Feb. 3: Ontario First Nation hires outside firm to investigate 28-year boil water advisory
Update to “Class Action Lawsuit”: Federal
Feb. 21: First Nations Drinking Water Settlement claim period extended to March 2024
Update to “Reports on Drinking Water Issues”: Federal
Feb. 1: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) bulletin: Repeal and Replacement of the “Safe Drinking Water for First Nations Act”
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Food Insecurity Strategies”: Ontario
Feb. 10: Would you pay $40 for a bag of flour? Some remote First Nations in northern Ontario have no choice
Home page – Background Content
Update to “Programs to Address Food Insecurity”: Federal, Ontario
Feb. 9: KNETS welcome $4.5M in Nutrition North Canada investments to support expansion of Harvester’s Support Program in 5 First Nations in the Matawa region
Update to “Govt. Programs to Address Food Insecurity”: Ontario
Feb. 20: Tungasuvvingat Inuit Grand opening of new Food Security Centre
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Fire Prevention on Reserve”
Feb. 2: People from First Nations 10 times more likely to die in a fire, says Indigenous Fire Marshal
Feb. 25: One dead, two unaccounted for after house fire in Pikangikum First Nation
Feb. 27: 3 people confirmed dead in Pikangikum First Nations house fire
Update to “Federal Budgets”
Feb. 16: Liberals on pace to miss First Nations housing targets by ‘between 58 and 141 years’ NDP says
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Housing Reports”: BC
Feb. 1: Builder Vancouver: Modular construction a housing solution for First Nations
Update to “Indigenous Housing Reports”: Federal
Feb. 7: Indigenous Housing Coalition calls on the federal government to commit to funding a National, Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy
Update to “Government Programs”: Alberta
Feb. 23: New homes for First Nations and Métis communities in Alberta
Update to “Homelessness”: Manitoba
Feb. 28: Manitoba Government provides $126 Million to address chronic homelessness
Update to “Homelessness”: Québec
Feb. 27: New permanent Housing Centre for Indigenous peoples experiencing homelessness opens in Montreal
Home Page – Background Content”
Update to: Urban Aboriginal Strategies: Ontario
Feb. 13: The Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC) Federal and Provincial Pre-Budget Submission
Home Page – Current Problems
Current Problems: Environmental Impacts: BC
Feb. 4: Pacific Coast Indigenous nations see a glimmer of hope for the future of salmon
Update to: “Environmental Impacts: Manitoba, Federal
Feb. 6: “I don’t have a home to go to Peguis First Nation evacuees left in limbo 9 months after flooding
Feb. 15: A new approach to flood mapping could be on the way for Manitoba First Nations
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Issues”: BC
Feb. 17: Fisheries Department to shut 15 salmon farms off BC’s coast to protect wild fish
Update to “Climate Change”: Newfoundland and Labrador
Feb. 28: A vanishing world: Winter sea ice is melting away from Labrador. For the Inuit way of life, it’s a death knell
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Climate Change”
Feb. 3: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) calls for urgent and transformative climate action led by Indigenous peoples, following COP27: UN Climate Change Conference 2022
Update to “Indigenous Circle of Experts”
Feb. 3: Government of Canada advancing on goal of creating 10 new national marine conservation areas with new policy direction
Update to “Government Commitments to the Environment”: Federal and BC
Feb. 5: Marine Protected Area network partners endorse plan to protect BC’s north coast
Feb. 15: BC expands old-growth logging deferral to 2.1 million hectares, promises greater First Nation collaboration
Update to “International Environmental Issues”
Mar. 1: Greta Thunberg detained by Norway police during pro-Sami protest
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: Ontario
Feb. 1: Grassy Narrows hosts historic alliance to protect lands and waters from mining exploration companies enabled by Ford government pro-industry stance
Feb. 7: First Nations owed over $100B under 1850 Ontario treaty: Nobel winning economist
Update to “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: Manitoba
Feb. 6: First Nation Leaders resolve to protect land in Manitoba: AMC, MKO, SCO and LTC demand immediate stop to agricultural crown lands lease and permit auction
Update to “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: New Brunswick
Feb. 15: Mi’kmaw First Nations expand Aboriginal title claim to include almost all of New Brunswick
Feb. 21: Wolastoqiyik, Mi’kmaq say they’re allies in land rights despite overlapping title claims
Update to “Court Challenges”: Ontario
Feb. 2: Ontario says it doesn’t owe First Nations seeking compensation for broken treaty
Feb. 7: First Nations owed over $100B under 1850 Ontario treaty: Nobel winning economist,
Update to “Court Challenges”: BC
Feb. 10: A First Nation sued BC, then came a gas drilling frenzy
Update to “Court Challenges”: Manitoba
Feb. 8: Manitoba First Nation man sues federal government for $11B 0ver ‘unfulfilled’ treaty annuity payments
Update to “Duty to Consult”: BC
Feb. 16: In the courts: First Nation takes BC government to court over Brucejack mine
Update to “Indigenous Laws and Governance”
Feb. 22: Launch of Manito Aki Inakonigewin Toolkit
Update to “Land Back Movement”: Ontario
Feb. 22: Anishinabek Nation leadsership calls for land back at Economic Development, Lands and Resources Forum
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: Alberta
Feb. 2: The Alberta “Sovereignty” Act and Indigenous Jurisdiction
Update to “Comprehensive Claims and Modern Treaties”: Yukon
Feb. 13: The Chiefs go to Ottawa: 50th anniversary of “Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow”
Mar. 1: Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller announces policy to address issues of implementation of modern treaties

Indigenous Success Stories:

ThemeDateIndigenous GroupComment
Language & CultureFeb. 12First NationSaskatchewan’s Patrick Mitsuing taking the fancy dance – and Indigenous culture – all the way to the LVII Super Bowl
Feb. 25First NationMeet the Indigenous designers shaking up Milan Fashion week
Museums & ArchivesFeb. 14First NationJanis Monture appointed 1st Indigenous CEO of Canadian Museums Association
Business & ReconciliationFeb. 10First NationOntario has just unveiled the largest electric-grid battery project in Canada in partnership with Six Nations of the Grand River
Treaties & Land ClaimsFeb. 3First NationNa-cho Nyak Dun quash Yukon prospecting plan approval

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