What’s new in Indigenous Watchdog? 150 new entries: May 1 – June 1, 2023

65 Positive Actions = vs 83 Current Problems

Calls to Action (C2A) Status: June 1, 2023

Not StartedStalledIn ProgressComplete
StatusLegacy Calls to Action
(1-42) + 50-52, 62-65
Reconciliation Calls to Action
Not Started2, 9, 26, 34, 42, 51, 52, 6445, 46, 47, 55, 56, 89
Stalled6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 29, 30, 3258, 62, 71, 77, 78, 87, 92, 93
Complete13, 15, 4149, 59, 67, 68, 70, 80, 83, 84, 85, 94

Legacy Calls to Action include “Equity for Aboriginal People in the Legal System” (50-52) and “Education for Reconciliation (62-65) in order to keep all “Justice” and “Education” Calls to Action in one location

See also “Perspectives” post for a complete 6-page colour-coded document summarizing all 94 Calls to Action

Indigenous Watchdog Updates

The following presents a year-to-date statistical snapshot of stakeholder actions across ALL themes that are either advancing reconciliation (Legacy and Reconciliation C2As and Government Commitments) or creating roadblocks (Current Problems)

Section202020212022Jan. 31Mar. 1Mar. 31Apr. 30May 31YTD
Current Reality2647504134214
Current Problems18921331558831148783425
Legacy C2As961591882620332730136
Reconciliation C2As55881173112191155
Govt. Commitments483254923
Other Issues78131610231577
Indigenous Success Stories6595371314


  • Current Reality includes ALL 94 Calls to Action and Other Issues
  • Legacy C2As, Reconciliation C2As, Government Commitments and Other Issues represent positive steps that are advancing reconciliation
  • Current Problems includes all those in “Calls to Action” plus “Other Issues” and “Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation
  • “Other Issues” presents information on Drinking Water Advisories, Food Insecurity, Suicide Prevention, Urban Commitments to Reconciliation, Housing, Environment and Treaties and Land Claims

NOTE: Some actions/problems have multiple entries that are only counted once; also Background Content sections have multiple entries to provide additional context to a particular Theme and/or C2A

New Sections

SectionCall to Action ThemeWhere Located
Québec’s Missing ChildrenMissing Children & Burial InformationHome Page – Explore by Theme
Mother. Sister. Daughter. CBC MMIWG ProjectJustice: Call to Action # 41Home Page – Background Content
Health Institution CommitmentsHealth: Call to Action # 18Home Page – Background Content
Indigenous-Led InitiativesEducation: Call to Action # 12Home Page – Explore by Theme
Commitment to Indigenous-Police RelationsJustice Home Page – Background Information

Government Commitments

Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation

FederalMay 4FN, M, INational Indigenous leaders hope to renew relationship with Crown after meeting King Charles
FederalMay 7FN, M, ITrudeau says Charles is ‘deeply aligned’ with Canadian priorities on environment, reconciliation
Federal, ALLMay 17FN, M, INorthern Development Ministers’ Forum focuses on Economic Reconciliation through action
BCMay 17FN, MVancouver permanently erects flags for Indigenous Host Nations in Stanley Park
AlbertaMay 23FN, MPolitical party platforms show various degrees of commitment to Indigenous peoples in Alberta
FederalMay 24IMary Simon is leading Indigenous peoples to new heights
New BrunswickMay 24FNNew Awitgati Longhouse and Cultural Centre to provide programming and services to Indigenous community
ManitobaMay 26FN, MManitoba government announces new Civilian Director of Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba
FederalMay 31FNNew Framework Agreement with feds a ‘game plan’ for Kitcisakik
FN = First Nations; M = Métis; I = Inuit

Current Problems in Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation

The following two issues have dominated the last month:

The conflict between First Nations of Ontario with the Métis Nation of Ontario over the Métis Self-Government agreement with the federal government:

  • May 2: ‘An existential threat’: First Nations challenge Ontario Métis self-government deal
  • May 4: Opposition from First Nations mount over Métis Nation of Ontario self-government deal
  • May 8: Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs fully supports all efforts of Treaty 9 First Nations to protect their Treaty and traditional territories including legal challenges of Canada – Métis Self-Government Agreement
  • May 9: Canada accused of stonewalling in court challenge to Métis Nation of Ontario self-government deal
  • May 10: Ontario Regional Chief Glen Hare supports Robison-Huron Waawiindamaagewin in release of new research report: An Exploratory Study of the MNO’s “Historic Métis Communities” in Robinson-Huron Treaty territory
  • May 20: Court dispute between First Nations and Métis Nation of Ontario highlights longstanding issues
  • June 1: Métis leaders want introduction, passage of self-government legislation this spring

Racist comments by Québec MNA around findings of Viens Commission around systemic racism in Val-D-Or, Québec

  • May 22: After ‘disgraceful’ remarks, First Nations leaders call on Québec MNA to resign
  • May 23: Joint declaration by the Val-d’or Native Friendship Centre and its allies – Reaction to the unacceptable and disgraceful comments made by MNA Pierre Dufour
  • May 29: Open Letter from Québec Native Women’s President
FederalMay 8MétisMétis Nation of Canada maps disputed transfer of veterans money to Manitoba Métis Federation
QuébecMay 2FNWork of monitoring committee of the Special Commission on the Rights of the Child and Youth Protection: The AFNQL and FNQLHSSC are satisfied
FederalMay 8MTo achieve reconciliation, Canada needs to recognize the Métis as a self-governing nation
BCMay 9FN, IFederal Court of Appeal allows Judicial Review of Bait-and-Switch approval of emergency towing vessel contract on BC’s coast
Federal, NunavutMay 10InuitArbitrator rules Government of Canada and Government of Nunavut are in breach of the Nunavut Agreement regarding Inuit employment
FederalMay 13InuitTrudeau schooled on the North’s pressing infrastructure needs during first trip to remote community
AlbertaMay 15MétisNew Métis Nation Alberta district map is a ‘hostile takeover’ of territory, argues Grande Cache Mountain Métis
OntarioMay 18FNEditing the Oath: growing call for province to mention treaty rights in municipal oath of office
OntarioMay 16FNChiefs of Ontario launches public education and awareness campaign surrounding systemic racism
AlbertaMay 25FN, MDon’t blame Indigenous people for Calgary cancelling July 1st fireworks
FederalJune 1FN, M, ITaxpayers Ombudsman requests that the Canada Revenue Agency improve the information it provides to Indigenous peoples
FN = First Nations; M = Métis; I = Inuit

Legacy Calls to Action


Home Page – Current Problems
Government and Institutional Issues: Saskatchewan
May 12: First Nations mothers allegedly told babies died shortly after birth in Saskatchewan hospitals
Government and Institutional Issues: Saskatchewan
May 15: Mother of teen who died in Saskatchewan ministry care still begging for accountability, action a year later
Update to “Systemic Racism: Québec
May 15: Québec sent Ottawa hospital hundreds of birth alerts despite Ontario ban
Update to “Systemic Racism: Québec
May 25: Québec judge awards $25K to Inuk woman ‘forgotten’ by youth protection authorities
Update to “Child and Youth Advocate Reports”: Nunavut
May 30: Nunavut’s child protection system is in ‘crisis’ says Auditor-General
Call to Action # 3

Federal, provincial, territory governments to fully implement Jordan’s Principle

Update to: Government Commitments to Jordan’s Principle: Manitoba, Federal
May 10: Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs recognizes Spirit Bear Day and the implementation of Jordan’s Principle in Manitoba
Government Commitments to Jordan’s Principle
May 26: ‘I feel like I’m not behind’: Indigenous students in Manitoba embrace Jordan’s Principle supports


Home Page – Current Reality
Update to “Current Reality”: Ontario
May 4: Key recommendations for provincial government of Ontario to complete all Calls to Action
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Curriculum Revisions”: Ontario
May 3: What you need to know about “Still Waiting for Truth and Reconciliation, a Progress Report on Indigenous Education in Ontario”
Update to “Systemic Racism”: All levels of government
May 11: OPNION: To get Indigenous murder and suicide rates down, first face the facts
Update to “Indigenous History”: B.C.
May 15: Colonialism, Capitalism and State Schooling in B.C.
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Identity”: Manitoba
May 10: Update on Indigenous Identity engagement sessions to University of Manitoba community
Update to “Indigenous History”
May 27: “We were anything but primitive’: How Indigenous-led archaeology is challenging colonial preconceptions
Update to “Indigenous History”
May 31: Marie Clements won’t let Canada forget its painful past with sweeping epic Bones of Crows
Update to “Indigenous History”: Federal
June 1: Statement from Ministers Marc Miller, Patty Hajdu, Dan Vandal and Pablo Rodriquez on National Indigenous History Month
Call to Action # 12

Federal, provincial, territory and Aboriginal governments to develop culturally appropriate early childhood education programs

Update to “Indigenous-led Initiatives”: Alberta
May 25: 5 years on, Maskwacis, Alta. early childhood program celebrates community connections and benefits


Call to Action # 62

Federal, provincial and territory governments to consult on Indigenous education reform: curriculum content, funding

Update to “Government Commitments to Mandatory Indigenous Education Reform”: Manitoba
May 3: Manitoba Government provides update on K-12 Education Action Plan
Update to “Government Commitments to Mandatory Indigenous Education Reform”: Ontario
May 26: Grade 11 English course with focus on Indigenous voices to become mandatory in London region
Update to “Background Content”: Indigenous Education Resources”
May 29: Educational resources developed to support Anishinaabe Giizhigad held every June 6
Call to Action # 65

Federal government through SSHRC to establish a National Research Program for reconciliation with multi-year funding

Update to “National Inuit Strategy on Research”
May 24: Expert team gathers to shape Inuit-led Health Research Network”


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Indigenous Languages in Canada“: New Brunswick
May 7: Ceremony held to honour New Brunswick river amid name controversy
Update to “Indigenous Languages in Canada“: New Brunswick
May 9: New Brunswick community with racial slur to be renamed, signs already removed
Update to “Indigenous Languages in Canada“: Québec
May 16: Listuguj First Nation immersion classes help families learn Mi’kmaw together
Update to “Concerns about Québec’s Bill C-96”: Québec
May 26: The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke opposes Québec’s proposed legislation in Indigenous languages
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Cultural Success”Newfoundland and Labrador
Feb. 27: The Building: Labrador’s striking new cultural centre
Update to: Indigenous Cultural Success: Newfoundland and Labrador
May 28: Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation wants its youth to know the ways of their ancestors. So they took 20 kids 233 kilometres away from home to connect to their roots
Update to ‘Indigenous Languages in Canada”: BC
May 31: Reconciliation, one keystroke at a time
Call to Action # 13

Federal government to acknowledge that Indigenous rights include Indigenous language rights

Update to “Govt. Actions to Support Indigenous Languages”: Newfoundland and Labrador
May 9: New program launched to help teach Inuttitut
Update to “Government Actions to Support Indigenous Languages”: Québec
May 17: Kahnawà:ke receives $11M from Québec for new cultural and arts centre
Update to “Govt. Actions to Support Indigenous Languages”: Québec
May 18: Quebec warns to exempt some Indigenous students from new french language law


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Systemic Racism”: B.C.
May 9: Misprescribed and ‘Dumped’ at the hospital’s doors
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: Federal, Ontario
May 8: Moses Beaver’s sons tell inquest their requests for help for Oji-Cree artist were brushed off
May 12: More than 6 years later, Moses Beaver’s means of death ‘undetermined’ inquest jury finds
Update to “Health Care Reform”: All levels of government
May 23: The Treaty Right to Health and the Legacy of the Indian Health Policy (1979)
Update to “Health Care Reform”: All levels of government
June 1: They say Canada’s health system is broken. But can First Nations leaders create a new one in the shadow of colonialism?
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Health Organizations“: Ontario
May 10: Anishinabek Nation Health Transformation team prepares for engagement sessions with Anishinabek First Nations leadership
Update to “Indigenous Health Surveys”: Ontario
May 19: Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC) report on the Mental Health and Addictions environmental scan 2022
Update to “Health Care Reform”: All levels of government
May 30: Fireside Chats on Indigenous Health – improving the health of Indigenous peoples
Call to Action # 18

All levels of government to recognize and implement health care rights of Indigenous peoples

Update to “Government Recognition of Indigenous Rights to HealthNewfoundland and Labrador
May 1: Remote dialysis program launched in Sheshatshiu and Nutuashish
Update to “Government Recognition of Indigenous Rights to Health: Ontario
May 4: Ontario connecting Indigenous communities to more mental health and addictions support
Update to “Government Recognition of Indigenous Rights to Health: Manitoba
May 9: Manitoba government’s new Nursing Float Pool supports patient care in rural, northern communities
Update to “Commitments to Indigenous Health”: Ontario
June 1: Creating Indigenous healing spaces at Hamilton Health Sciences
NEW SECTION: “Health Institution Commitments
May 16: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Truth and Reconciliation Action Plan 2021-2024: Mid-way update
Call to Action # 22

Federal, provincial and territory governments and healthcare leaders to recognize value of Indigenous healing practices and use

Update to “Indigenous Healing Practices”: Ontario
May 5: Doctors at this Toronto hospital can now refer Indigenous patients to a traditional healer
Call to Action # 23

Federal, provincial and territory governments to increase the hiring and retention of Indigenous healthcare workers

Update to “Commitment to Aboriginal Health Care Workers”: Nova Scotia
May 11: Province invests in training new nurses


Home Page – Current Problems

Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing“:
May 16: Police regularly dismiss, justify violence against Indigenous women, new research finds
Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing: Prince Albert Police
May : Saskatchewan First Nations groups call for inquiry, accountability following report into baby’s death
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”BC
May 1: Human Rights Tribunal hearings start today in Burns Lake
May 3: She was ready to testify – Cdn. Human Rights Tribunal Burns Lake Inquiry (Indian Day School)
May 18: Burns Lake witnesses describe mysterious visits from the RCMP
May 23: RCMP lawyers suggest a journalist planted memories in Burns Lake
May 24: Over the Department of Justice’s objections, an expert witness testifies about the RCMP
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”: Manitoba
May 2: Security videos that show RCMP punching Indigenous man in Thompson point to tense relationship
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”BC
May 22: ‘On the Inside’: Why some Indigenous officers stick with the RCMP despite struggles
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”
May 23: The Mounties: 150 years of conflict with Indigenous people
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”: Ontario
May 26: RCMP apologize to dead Indigenous teen’s family, saying investigation was never closed
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”: BC
May 25: RCMP arrested Indigenous assault victim instead of taking her to hospital, inquest hears
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: All level of government
May 2: MPs call for national emergency declaration on violence against Indigenous women, girls and two-spirt people
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Québec
May 6: Groups to create interactive map of cases of missing and murdered Indigenous victims in Québec
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Manitoba
May 12: Chiefs, families push for search for remains at Winnipeg landfill that could take years, cost up to $184M
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Manitoba
May 19: Winnipeg is the epicentre for missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Manitoba
May 30: Priest in Little Grand Rapids arrested in sexual assault of 8-year-old girl, RCMP say
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: ALL
May 16: There’s been a lack of implementation on MMIWG Calls for Justice says FSIN vice-chief
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: All levels of government
May 25: Sexual assault organizations struggling to help victims post-pandemic study
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”: Manitoba
May 8: Incarcerated Indigenous women devastated after prison stops them from selling beadwork
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”: Nova Scotia
May 16: ‘Why did my daughter die?’ Mi’kmaw mother demands inquiry into Nova Scotia jail
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers“: B.C.
May 24: B.C. researcher starts project to document Indigenous deaths in police custody
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers“: Federal
May 30: Prison isolation units detrimental to the mental health of young Indigenous offenders: report
Update to “Systemic Racism:”: Federal
May 26: After spending 7 years detained in Turkey, Charman Smith is now home
Update to “Systemic Racism:”: Federal
May 28: Isolation cells in women’s prisons used almost exclusively for Indigenous prisoners, panel finds
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Saskatchewan
May 29: First Nations man says racial profiling led to assault by security guard at Regina Canadian Tire
Home Page: Background Content
NEW SECTION: Commitments to Indigenous – Police Relations
June 1: Indigenous police unit just a starting point for Ottawa, community members say
Call to Action # 27

Federation of Law Societies of Canada to ensure lawyers receive cultural competency and Indigenous rights training

Update to “Commitment of Law Societies”: Manitoba
May 26: Manitoba lawyers will be required to take Indigenous culture course
Call to Action # 29

Federal Government and Parties to IRSSA to reach settlement agreements for those excluded from the TRC process

Update to “Settlements for Parties Excluded from the IRSSA: Indian Day Schools
June 1: Lawyers clean up ‘confusion’ around two day school settlements
Call to Action # 30

Federal, provincial and territory governments commit to eliminate overrepresentation of Aboriginal people in custody

Update to “Govt. Programs to Improve Access to Justice”: RCMP
May 11: RCMP officers to begin field testing body-worn cameras in Nova Scotia, Nunavut and Alberta
Call to Action # 35

Federal Government to to eliminate barriers to creation of new Aboriginal healing lodges

Update to “Healing Lodges in Canada“: Federal
May 26: ‘You would’ve never seen these tears before’: Quebec healing centre shares how it helps Indigenous men
Call to Action # 40

Federal, provincial and territory governments to create funded and accessible Indigenous-specific victim programs

Home Page
Update to “Why in Progress?”
May 29: Federal government invests $38.6M over 5 years and $8.45 annually on an ongoing basis for Indigenous-led and co-developed activities to support Indigenous victims of crime and survivors of violence
Update to “Aboriginal-specific Victim Programs: Federal
May 29: Increased support for families of missing and murdered Indigenous people and Indigenous victims and survivors of crime
Call to Action # 41

Federal government to appoint a public inquiry into MMIWG

Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”Federal
May 8: Ottawa announces $103M for Indigenous women’s shelters
Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Federal
May 2: House unanimously supports system to alert public when Indigenous women go missing
Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Federal
May 3: Government of Canada announces funding for Indigenous women and 2SLGBTQQIA+ organizations in Québec
Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Federal
May 4: Native Women’s Association of Canada established Safe Passage Women’s Safety Council and expanded Safe Passage online platform
Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Federal
May 29: Ottawa offering $95M to help Indigenous families learn about missing loved ones
May 29: Increased support for families of missing and murdered Indigenous people and Indigenous victims and survivors of violence
Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Yukon
May 19: Congratulations to the Council of Yukon First Nations on the start of the construction of the Family Preservation Wellness Centre
Update to “Government Commitments to Preventing Violence Against Indigenous Women”: Manitoba
May 23: Manitoba government ‘s gender equity Manitoba Secretariat will co-ordinate whole-of-government work on 2SLGBTQQIA+ issues


Call to Action # 50

Federal government to fund establishment of Indigenous law institutes

Update to Background Content: “Revitalizing Indigenous Laws”: Federal
May 29: Filling the gaps in Indigenous law

Reconciliation Calls to Action


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Problems with BC’s UNDRIP Bill“: B.C.
May 15: Challenging colonial mining laws: First Nations fight for Indigenous consent
May 18: When is it going to stop? Claims made on First Nations’ territories even as they fight century-old mining laws


Call to Action # 66

Federal government to provide multi-year funding for community-based youth programs

Update to “Government Programs for Youth”: Manitoba
May 15: Manitoba government provides $1.2M for youth to build skills, enter the workforce
Update to “Government Programs for Youth”: Ontario
May 12: Ontario helping children and youth overcome barriers


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”: Catholic Church
May 1: “The right gesture’: Talks underway for Vatican to return Indigenous artefacts, Pope says
Update to “Cultural Appropriation”: Manitoba
May 16: Manitoba to conduct review of Indigenous-themed art after sculpture in premier’s office deemed inappropriate
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”: B.C.
May 8: Gitxaała bring treasure home, a ‘Historic Turning Point’ for the Nation
Call to Action # 67

Federal government and Canadian Museums to provide funding for national review of museum policies and best practices

Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”: Ontario
May 18: First Nation sues Ontario over land the same day the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) returns 200 year-old pipe to it
Call to Action # 69

Library and Archives Canada to fully adopt and implement UNDRIP, ensure records access , add resources

Update to “Indigenous Heritage Action Plan”: Federal
May 19: Library and Archives Canada (LAC) helps preserve documentary heritage across Canada by funding projects in communities


Home Page – Current Problems

Update to “Misleading Information”: All levels of government
May 4: The Dangerous Allure of Residential School Denialism
Update to “Challenges for Special Interlocutor”: Federal
May 30: Advisory Committee on residential school graves says it won’t work with Netherlands-based NGO
NEW SECTION: Québec’s Missing Children
April 28: ‘It’s horrible’: Québec now searching for over 130 missing Indigenous children
Update to “Misleading Information”: Manitoba
May 27: Manitoba government must have known about Jim McCrae’s residential school denialism; Murray Sinclair
Call to Action # 75

Federal, provincial, territory and municipal governments to identify, protect and commemorate residential school cemeteries

Update to ” Federal Government Disbursements”: Federal
May 5: Details of upcoming work to find graves at residential school site presented in Carcross, Yukon


Call to Action # 79

Federal Government and Canadian Heritage to develop reconciliation framework for Canadian heritage and commemoration

Update to “Reconciliation Initiatives with Canadian Heritage”: Federal
May 19: Parks Canada plans major rewrite of more than 200 historic site plaques


Home Page – Current Problem
Update to “Media Protest and the RCMP”
May 23: The RCMP suppresses honest reporting about colonialism
Update to “Problems with the Media”
June 1: ‘I had to break the rules’


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Government Programs”: Federal
April 27: Even without new dedicated federal dollars, minister expects Indigenous tourism to continue to grow
Call to Action # 92

Corporate Canada to adopt UNDRIP as a reconciliation framework to apply to policies and operations

Update to “Business Advocacy Groups“: Conference Board of Canada
May 8: Indigenous ownership: Best Practices for Major Project Success
Update to “Individual Business Initiative”: Ontario
May 16: Canada Council of Aboriginal Business welcomes Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) as a Procurement Champion


Home Page – Background Content
Update to: Indigenous Cultural Success”: Manitoba
May 20: Winnipeg organizations offer 240 newcomers chance to experience Indigenous culture at Manitoba Ahbee powwow



Home Page – Current Reality
Update to Table: Drinking Water Advisories
May 4: 139 Long term DWA’s have been lifted (82%). 27 First Nations communities still have 31 long-term DWAs
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Reports on Drinking Water Issues”: Federal
May 2: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) Bulletin – United Nations Water Conference 2023
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Govt. Actions to Improve Drinking Water”: Federal
May 23: Ottawa pledges $12M to upgrade water services for Sioux Valley Dakota Nation


Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Suicide Prevention Initiatives: Saskatchewan
May 8: Suicide Prevention Plan marks three-year anniversary with progress update
Update to “States of Emergency”: Manitoba
May 20: Northern Manitoba First Nation sounds alarm over isolation after youth suicides


Home Page – Background Content
Update to: “Government Food Security Programs: Manitoba
May 11: Manitoba government invests $1.3 million in Northern Healthy Foods Initiatives


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to :”Fire Prevention on Reserves: Saskatchewan
May 4: Community support ‘overwhelming’ after fire destroys 8 homes on Saskatchewan First Nation
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Fire Protection on Reserves”: Federal
May 19: Inaugural First Nations First Responders gathering held in Ottawa, First Nations Fire Protection Strategy updated
Update to: Government Programs: Federal
May 29: Canada supports Rapid Housing Projects in Northern Manitoba
Update to: Government Programs: Federal
May 31: Canada supports Rapid Housing Projects in Saskatchewan


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Individual Municipal Actions”: Alberta
May 8: City of St. Albert publishes report of recent comments residents made during naming discussions
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Government Programs”: B.C.
May 12: Support services strengthened in BC’s northern communities


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Impacts”: Alberta
May 4: Canada opens formal investigation into Imperial’s oilsands leak in northern Alberta
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Impacts”: Federal
May 2: UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues calls on Canada to shut down the Line 5 pipeline
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Impacts”: BC
May 17: Tracing the toxic impact of BC coal mining
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Impacts”: BC
May 31: Minister to delay plan for closure of BC salmon farms after pressure from industry, Indigenous chief
Update to “Environmental Impacts”: Federal
May 4: Federal government failure to fix dikes sees Fort Albany evacuated due to flooding threat
Update to “Environment Impacts”: BC
May 11: More needs to be done to involve First Nations in emergency management, says Indigenous leader
Update to “Environmental Impacts”: Manitoba
May 17: New hope for flood-prone Peguis First Nation means evacuees could come home
Update to “Climate Change”: Newfoundland and Labrador (Nunatsiavut)
May 2: Climate Change solutions becoming a new way of colonizing Indigenous peoples, Inuit rep says
Update to “Climate Change”: Alberta
June 1: The Hamlet of Fort Chipewyan evacuates due too wildfires
Update to: “International Environment Issues: Federal
May 11: Future of Arctic Council in doubt after end of Russian chairship
Home Page – Background Content
Update to: Indigenous Leadership Initiative: Guardians
May 9: Indigenous Guardians help restore nature and community
Update to “Climate Change”
May 28: Fighting Fire with Fire
Update to “Government Commitments to the Environment”: BC
May 30: BC’s largest coastline clean-up gets major funding boost


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Duty to Consult/FPIC”: BC
May 3: Dozens of mineral claims made in First Nation territory, as it fights to stop them in court
May 15: Challenging colonial mining laws: First Nations fight for Indigenous consent
May 18: ‘When is it going to stop?’ Claims made on First Nations territories even as they fight century-old mining laws
Update to “Duty to Consult/FPIC”: BC
May 21: BC company denies misleading Bonaparte First Nation about rail terminal expansion plans
Update to “Duty to Consult/FPIC”: New Brunswick
May 12: First Nations chiefs blast Higgs over report he is prepared to frack without thier consent
May 12: An East Coast fight over fracking ‘could get ugly’, First Nations warn
Update to “Duty to Consult/FPIC”: Ontario
May 12: ‘We’re building that Ring of Fire’, says Doug Ford
May 30: ‘Get off the bulldozer’ and come to the table, Matawa chief tells Premier Ford
Update to “Duty to Consult/FPIC”: Manitoba
May 26: O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation sues Manitoba Hydro for ‘years of harm’
Update to: “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: BC
May 12: Nuchatlaht First Nation has 14 days to decide how to proceed with landmark claim
Update to: “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: BC
May 17: Trial begins for a hereditary chief charged in the Coastal GasLink pipeline conflict
Update to “Land Back Movement”: Federal
May 19: ‘It needs to be a day of reckoning’. Parliamentary Committee studying land back
Update to “Land Back Movement”: Federal, Ontario
May 18: Garden River First Nation launches new lawsuit against Ontario and Canada
Home Page – Background Content
Update to: “Comprehensive Claims and Modern Treaties”: Federal
May 3: Whitecap Dakota First Nation signs historic treaty with Canada
Update to “Treaty Land Entitlement: Federal and Ontario
May 5: Lac La Croix First Nation in northwestern Ontario reaches ‘transformational’ land claim settlement
Update to “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: BC
May 3: McLeod Lake Indian Band, Province sign agreement to protect treaty rights
Update to “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: ??
May 17: ‘A really very big deal for us’. 3 Mi’kmaw First Nations excited about moderate livelihood fisheries
Update to “Land back Movement”: BC
May 22: Snuneymuxw reclaims kwula’xw in Land Back deal that brings members home


ThemeDateIndigenous Group Comment
Government CommitmentsApril 27First NationEsquao Awards continue to celebrate the accomplishments of women: Regina Crowchild
Government CommitmentsMay 9First NationRemembering ‘Auntie Shirley’ Adamson, pioneering Indigenous leader in Yukon
May 24InuitMary Simon is leading Indigenous people to new heights
EducationMay 20First NationFirst Wolastoqey valedictorian at University of New Brunswick hopes to inspire others with her story
Language and CultureMay 24First NationJohn Kim Bell was North America’s first Indigenous conductor – now he’s a Governor-General’s award winner
May 26InuitThe Indigenous Screen Office commits $1M in capital to support the creation of Iqaluit’s first large scale film and television production studio
JusticeMay 8First NationMoose Hide Campaign Day addresses reconciliation and gender-based violence
May 11First Nation‘This is a call to action’: Sault student Nevaeh Pine’s speech outlining plight of missing, murdered Indigenous women wins national honours
YouthMay 13First NationMeet Indigenous drag artists trying to ‘offer hope’ to LGBTQ and 2-spirit youth
MediaMay 8First NationSaskatchewan journalist wins Pulitzer Prize, Peabody Prize for podcast about her father’s residential school experience
BusinessMay 16First NationWehwehneh Bahgahkinagohn receives global recognition as “Best World Changing Idea, North America” in Fast Company’s 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards
Treaties & Land ClaimsMay 2InuitDonat Milortok, Naujaat elder remembered as tireless advocate for Nunavut Land Claims
May 22First NationSaugeen First Nation holds ceremony to mark historic times at Sauble

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Is the UN Declaration dead or more to the point – has it ever been alive?

“The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” (UNDRIP) is an international instrument adopted by the United Nations on September 13, 2007, to enshrine the rights that “constitute the minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world.” All four countries initially opposed (Canada, United States, Australia

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