What’s new in Indigenous Watchdog? 225 new entries: June 1 – July 1, 2023

85 Positive Actions = vs 76 Current Problems

Calls to Action (C2A) Status: July 1, 2023

Not StartedStalledIn ProgressComplete
StatusLegacy Calls to Action
(1-42) + 50-52, 62-65
Reconciliation Calls to Action
Not Started2, 9, 26, 34, 42, 51, 52, 6445, 46, 47, 55, 56, 89
Stalled6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 29, 30, 3558, 62, 71, 77, 78, 87, 92, 93
Complete13, 15, 4149, 59, 67, 68, 70, 80, 83, 84, 85, 94

Legacy Calls to Action include “Equity for Aboriginal People in the Legal System” (50-52) and “Education for Reconciliation (62-65) in order to keep all “Justice” and “Education” Calls to Action in one location

See also “Perspectives” post for a complete 6-page colour-coded document summarizing all 94 Calls to Action

Indigenous Watchdog Updates

The following presents a year-to-date statistical snapshot of stakeholder actions across ALL themes that are either advancing reconciliation (Legacy and Reconciliation C2As and Government Commitments) or creating roadblocks (Current Problems)

Section202020212022Jan. 31Mar. 1Mar. 31Apr. 30May 31June 30YTD
Current Reality26475041342418
Current Problems1892133155883114878376501
Legacy C2As96159188262033273038174
Reconciliation C2As5588117311219111671
Govt. Commitments48325491336
Other Issues7813161023151895
Indigenous Success Stories659537131148
60 uncounted entries are spread between multiple C2A, Other Issues and Background Content entries


  • Current Reality includes ALL 94 Calls to Action and Other Issues
  • Legacy C2As, Reconciliation C2As, Government Commitments and Other Issues represent positive steps that are advancing reconciliation
  • Current Problems includes all those in “Calls to Action” plus “Other Issues” and “Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation
  • “Other Issues” presents information on Drinking Water Advisories, Food Insecurity, Suicide Prevention, Urban Commitments to Reconciliation, Housing, Environment and Treaties and Land Claims

NOTE: Some actions/problems have multiple entries that are only counted once; also Background Content sections have multiple entries to provide additional context to a particular Theme and/or C2A

Call to Action (C2A) Status Change

C2ADateStatus ChangeDescription
C2A # 32June 1, 2023From STALLED to IN PROGRESSBill C-5 passed in November 2022 with some complaints about scope
C2A # 35June 27, 2023From IN PROGRESS to STALLEDNo meaningful activity or progress since 2019 – 4 years ago. Funding issues persist

New Sections

SectionCall to Action ThemeWhere Located
Mother. Sister. Daughter. CBC MMIWG ProjectJustice: Call to Action # 41Home Page – Background Content
How Ground-Penetrating Radar WorksMissing Children & Burial InformationHome Page – Background Content

Government Commitments

Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation

Federal, ManitobaJune 4MétisAgreementsAbout 4,000 Manitoba Métis Federation citizens vote yes on modern treaty with the Crown
FederalJune 12FN, MJusticeMinister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada announces a judicial appointment in province of Ontario
AlbertaJune 13FN, M, IPoliticalNational Indigenous History Month: Minister Wilson
FederalJune 15FNLegislationSenate committee urges Cannabis Act overhaul to address exclusion of First Nations
BCJune 15FN, MPoliticalMétis Nation BC committed to positive and respectful relations with First Nations
ManitobaJune 15FNFinancialFirst Nations librarians strategize best service despite low funding
SaskatchewanJune 19FN, MHuman RightsSaskatchewan participates in Federal, Provincial, Territory meeting on Human Rights
FederalJune 21FN, MLegislationProposed legislation would grant Métis self-governing status, power to negotiate with Ottawa
FederalJune 22FN, M, ILegislationGovernment of Canada releases UNDRIP Action Plan with 181 specific measures
ManitobaJune 23FNFinancialManitoba government, seven First Nations sign historic forestry revenue sharing agreements
Newfoundland and LabradorJune 28FN, IPoliticalProvincial Indigenous Women’s Reconciliation Council hold first meeting
YukonJune 28FNPoliticalWhat We Heard Report‘ released for the recommended Dawson Regional Land Use Plan
Nova ScotiaJune 28FNJusticeReview Committee established to investigate deaths in custody
FN = First Nations; M = Métis; I = Inuit

Current Problems in Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation

Update to First Nations (FN), Métis (M), and Inuit (I)
June 6: OPINION: To finally kill Colonialism, give property rights to First Nations individuals (FN)
June 10: Long lineups for treaty annuities at The Forks sparks discussion about ‘insulting’ $5 payment (FN)
June 12: Anishinabek Chiefs-in-Assembly reject the Métis Self-Government Recognition and Implementation Agreement (FN, M)
June 15: Ontario Chiefs confront minister over Métis self-government federal legislation (FN, M)
June 19: Ontario First Nations chiefs protest federal Métis self-government bill (FN,M)
June 22: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) call to delay implementation of Métis Self-Government Recognition and Implementation legislation (FN,M)
June 12: First Nations, federalism and lessons from the fight against COVID-19 (FN)
June 20: Deputy Minister left government weeks after Indigenous group privately called for his resignation, documents show (FN)
June 26: Majority of Manitobans want National Day for Truth and Reconciliation to be statutory holiday, polls suggest (FN, M, I)
June 28: Senators call on feds to bring Indigenous communities into Arctic security planning (FN, I)
June 28: As global powers watch, Canada’s north grows more vulnerable (FN, I)

Legacy Calls to Action


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Systemic Racism” : BC
June 18: BC Government fighting to keep birth alert records from public eye
Update to “Child and Youth Advocate Reports”: Manitoba
June 22: Manitoba Child Advocate releases report on fatal police shooting of Eishia Hudson
June 22: Memengwaa Wiidoodaagewin (Butterfly Project): Manitoba Advocate releases a Special Report to honour Eishia Hudson
Update to “Govt. and Institution Issues”: BC
June 26: First Nations leaders in BC call on child and family minister to resign
Update to “Jordan’s Principle”: Federal
June 28: Backlog at federal Indigenous children’s program leaves families to shoulder heavy bills
Update to “Govt. and Institution Issues”: Québec
June 28: Coroner issues wake-up call in report on Inuk teen moved 78 times by the time she died, at 18
Update to “Govt. and Institution Issues”: BC
June 30: A horrific case highlights huge safety gaps in BC foster care
Call to Action # 4

Federal government to enact Indigenous Child Welfare legislation

Update to “Govt. Commitments to Child Welfare”: Federal
June 15: U.S. Supreme Court affirms the constitutionality of Indian Child Welfare Act


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Indigenous History”: Saskatchewan
June 4: June is Indigenous History Month and I am living proof that my ancestors fought for a future
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Saskatchewan
June 7: Saskatchewan government should do more to support Indigenous students as grad rates remain stagnant: Auditor
Update to “Indigenous Identity”: Federal
June 21: BOOK EXCERPT: What fake Indigenous ‘Pretendians’ say about the endurance of colonialism
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous History”
June 11: ‘Like a 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzle’ – How a long lost Wiikwemkoong diary found its way back home
Update to “Indspire Awards
June 15: Meet some of the 2023 Indspire awards recipients making a difference in their communities
Update to “Indigenous History”: Alberta
June 17: Archaeology on ancestral lands: Students dig into Métis stories in historic Alberta river lots
Update to “Indigenous History”: New Brunswick
June 22: Long-lost headstones unearthed as volunteers restore Esgenoôpetitj cemetery
Update to “University and College Commitments”: Manitoba
June 29: ‘Just the Start’ Brandon University students now required to take Indigenous courses
Call to Action # 8

Federal government to eliminate discrepancy in education funding for on-reserve vs off-reserve

Update to “Govt. Commitments to Education“: Federal
June 2: The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) and the Government of Canada announce updates to school design standards for schools on-reserve
Update to “Federal Education Statistics”: Federal
Jan. 11: Added Federal First Nations Education Statistics 2018-2019: tables: Student enrollment, per student funding, Budget operating expenses


Call to Action # 62

Federal, provincial and territory governments to consult on Indigenous education reform: mandatory curriculum content, funding

Update to “Government Mandatory K-12 Commitments“: Yukon
June 7: Kluane First Nation gets new school after 106 year wait
Update to “Government Mandatory K-12 Commitments”: Yukon
June 7: Ground breaking ceremony for N”tsaÜw Chu’ Kedts’edán Kù traditional camp marks new chapter for cultural education in Whitehorse
Update to “Indigenous Education Resources”: Manitoba
June 19: Northern Manitoba teachers use teddy bears to teach about truth and reconciliation
Call to Action # 65

Federal government through SSHRC to establish a National Research Program for reconciliation with multi-year funding

Update to “University Indigenous Research“: Alberta
June 26: University of Alberta Indigenous researchers leads process to create new guidelines for including Indigenous people in Canadian clinical trials


Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Cultural Success”Federal
June 5: Canada invests in a new Language and Cultural Centre in Tyendinaga Mohawk territory
Update to: “Indigenous Cultural Success”: Nova Scotia
June 14: ‘Kesite’tasikl’ exhibit opens in Halifax ahead of indigenous games
Update to “Indigenous Cultural Success:“: Saskatchewan
June 20: Pathway to Reconciliation mural project brings colour to downtown Regina
Update to “Indigenous Languages in Canada“: Federal
June 22: Ottawa’s Sir John A. MacDonald Parkway renamed Kichi Zībī Mīkan ??
Update to “Indigenous Languages in Canada“:BC
June 28: Fort William First Nation explores language reclamation within the community
Call to Action # 13

Federal government to acknowledge that Indigenous rights include Indigenous language rights

Update to “Govt. Commitments to Languages”: Federal
June 17: Efforts to save Wolastoqey language to get a boost from a new language platform
Update to “Govt. Commitments to Languages“: BC
June 22: Students in northern BC could learn Dakelh as early as the next school year as BC approves curriculum
Call to Action # 16

Post-Secondary Institutions, Provinces, Territories to create post-secondary degree & diploma programs in Indigenous languages

Update to “Commitments to Indigenous Languages”: Ontario
June 21: Six Nations Polytechnic celebrates largest Indigenous languages graduating class
Update to “Indigenous Education Accord
June 26: Indigenous Education Protocol – 2023: Updated list of signatories, University Canada’s commitment to truth and reconciliation
Call to Action # 17

Federal, provincial and territory governments to enable residential school survivors to reclaim Indigenous names

Update to “Why Stalled?”
June 20: Government of Northwest Territories waives change of name for Indigenous residents of the Northwest Territories
Update to “Reclaiming Indigenous Names”: Northwest Territories
June 20: Government of Northwest Territories waives change of name for Indigenous residents of the Northeast Territories


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Saskatchewan
June 3: Juliette Tapaquon’s tragic story exposes health-care inequality
Update to “Systemic Racism”: All levels of government
June 5: Indigenous coalition urges Canada’s health care system to ‘Rise Above Racism’
Update to Systemic Racism”: Ontario
June 13: Ontario land tribunal dismisses appeal against Inuit development in Ottawa
Update to Systemic Racism”: All levels of government
June 13: Canadian Medical Association (CMA) announces the beginning of an apology process for harms to Indigenous people in health care
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: Ontario
June 19: Medical patients flock to this northern community, but there aren’t enough places to stay
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: Manitoba
June 16: Peguis First Nation, surrounding Manitoba communities fear lack of funding could shut down ambulance service
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: Federal
June 20: Grassy Narrows chief questions federal commitment to mercury care home amid delays, soaring costs
Update to “Systemic Racism”: Alberta
June 22: Dr. Deena Henshaw was hired by Alberta Health Services (AHS) Indigenous Health team, then removed against their wishes
June 23: The hiring and unhiring of Dr. Deena Henshaw warrants answers that we aren’t getting
June 27: Doctors sign open letter to decry AHS decision to revoke Henshaw job offer
June 27: Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC) statement in response to the shocking and disrespectful events that precipitated Dr. Tailfeather’s resignation from Alberta Health Services (AHS)
Update to “Ongoing Health Crisis”: Northwest Territories
June 27: Better dental care means dealing with historical issues, says Indigenous dentist
Update to “Health Care Reform” All levels of government
June 26: Considerations for collecting data on race and Indigenous identity during health card renewal across Canadian jurisdictions
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Health Organizations“: Indigenous Pharmacy Professionals of Canada
June 3: How these Indigenous pharmacists are building trust and confronting health care’s legacy of systemic racism
Call to Action # 18

All levels of government to recognize and implement health care rights of Indigenous peoples

Update to “Govt. Commitments to Indigenous Health“: Manitoba
June 5: Manitoba government invests $145 million to improve access, reliability of health services across Manitoba’s north
Update to “Govt. Commitments to Indigenous Health“: Manitoba
June 8: Manitoba government invests more than $4.7 million in new addictions treatment spaces, enhanced community programming in rural northern Manitoba
Update to Govt. Commitments to Indigenous Health: Québec
June 9: Tabling of the ‘Cultural Safety’ Bill
Update to “Govt. Commitments to Indigenous Health”: Northwest Territories
June 13: Northwest Territories mental health system transformed through Stepped Care 2.0
Update to “Govt. Commitments to Indigenous Health”: Federal, New Brunswick
June 19: New lodge in Gagetown to offer land-based healing for Indigenous women
Update to “Govt. Commitments to Indigenous Health”: Manitoba
June 28: Discharge planners and passionate advocates for Indigenous clients
Update to “Medical Institution Commitments: Ontario
June 28: Niagara Health releases annual report (with a commitment to Indigenous reconciliation)
Call to Action # 21

Federal government to provide ongoing funding for existing and new Aboriginal Healing Centres

Update to Background Content: “Indigenous Birthing Practices”
June 26: ‘A sacred experience’: Indigenous midwives revive birthing traditions to deliver babies at home
Call to Action # 22

Federal, provincial and territory governments and healthcare leaders to recognize value of Indigenous healing practices and use

Update to Medical Organization Commitments”: Ontario
June 26: It’s who I am, deeply rooted in me’: York region hospitals empower Indigenous Peoples with healing, smudging
Call to Action # 24

Medical and Nursing schools to require all students to take a course on issues impacting Indigenous health

Update to Commitments to Indigenous Health”: Ontario
June 2: Toronto Metropolitan University School of Medicine’s Indigenous Health lead at the table from the beginning
Update to Commitments to Indigenous Health”: Ontario
June 17: Medical school tackles rural doctor shortage with crash course in community culture (Northern School of Medicine)


Home Page – Current Problems

Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing“: Newfoundland and Labrador
June 6: Royal Newfoundland Constabulary chief publicly acknowledges force’s systemic racism during announcement of Indigenous Advisory Committee
Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing“: New Brunswick
June 6: Three years later, no justice for Chantal Moore
Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing“: Federal
June 22: Federal Justice Minister orders new trial for First Nations men convicted of 1970s Winnipeg murder
Update to “Systemic Racism in Policing“: Saskatchewan
June 23: Regina mum wants daughter’s overdose death investigated as possible homicide
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”: Alberta
June 6: Indigenous lawyer injured during central Alberta arrest alleges RCMP used ‘extreme force’
Update to “Systemic Racism in RCMP”: BC ?? Court Challenges”
June 6: RCMP Officer testifies about mistakes in Burns Lake investigation
June 14: Day School survivors reluctant to speak to mounties: Cdn. Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT) testimony
June 16: RCMP removes investigators from Tribunal Witness list
Update to “Systemic Racism”Nova Scotia
June 7: Halifax rally calls for public inquiry into the deaths of 2 Mi’kmaw people in custody
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Federal
June 6: Advocate’s decry ‘unacceptable’ inaction on MMIWG Inquiry’s Calls for Justice following 4-year anniversary
June 7: Every Canadian has a role in ending the MMIWG crisis, advocate says
June 8: ‘Make a List’: Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) CEO tells Miller as feds get failing grades on progress made on MMIWG Plan
June 19: ’15 years too long’: MMIWG Inquiry Calls for Justice
June 19: “Is a genocide taking place in Canada? Short answer. Yes
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Manitoba
June 7: Brother relieved sister missing from Winnipeg found alive
June 8: Manitoba Premier remains mum on funding to search landfill for remains of two women
June 10: ‘We were just brushed away’ – MMIWG
June 19: Feasibility study says short timeline important for landfill search
June 29: Leaked report on searching landfill for women’s remains shares how 60,000 tonnes of material could be examined
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: Nunavut
June 12: ‘Get at the truth’: Judge to study handling of sex allegations against Nunavut priest
Update to “Targeted Indigenous Groups”: All levels of government
June 5: Search for missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls hampered by police apathy: Researchers
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Barriers”: Federal
June 26: Indigenous justice and a new path for Canada’s prisons
Update to “Government Justice Inquiries“: Ontario
June 27: Ontario Provincial Police reinvestigating deaths of 13 Indigenous people in Thunder Bay, Ontario over 13-year period
Update to “Court Challenges”: Federal
June 13: Judge reserves decision on motion to extend Indian Day School claims deadline
Update to “Court Challenges:”: Yukon
June 15: Ex-Anglican priest found guilty of sexually abusing 2 Yukon First Nations boys in the ’80s
Update to “Court Challenges“: Federal
June 19: RCMP say there was ‘insufficient evidence’ to lay charges in SNC-Lavelin affair
Update to “AFN-Canada MOU: Policing”: Ontario
June 12: Public Safety minister proposes temporary funding for 3 First Nations police services operating on ‘fumes’
June 12: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) supports Indigenous Police Chiefs of Ontario federal court motion
June 19: 3 Indigenous police services in northern Ontario could cease operating due to a lack of funding
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Thunder Bay Inquest”: Ontario
June 20: First Nations women appointed to top jobs on Thunder Bay Police Services Board
Call to Action # 29

Federal Government and Parties to IRSSA to reach settlement agreements for those excluded from the TRC process

Update to “Settlements for Parties Excluded from the IRSSA: Indian Day Schools
June 29: Final Agreement reached to resolve Percival class action
Call to Action # 32

Federal government to amend criminal code to depart from mandatory minimum sentences

June 1: Bill C-5 passed in November 2022 with some complaints about scope
Call to Action # 35

Federal Government to to eliminate barriers to creation of new Aboriginal healing lodges

June 27: No meaningful activity or progress since 2019 – 4 years ago. Funding issues persist
Call to Action # 36

Federal, provincial, territory governments to deliver culturally relevant services to inmates on social issues

Update to “Indigenous Community Corrections Initiative”: Federal
June 23: Updated with Indigenous Community Corrections Initiative 2023
Call to Action # 41

Federal government to appoint a public inquiry into MMIWG

Update to “Why Complete?”
June 5: Mother. Sister. Daughter: A CBC MMIWG Project: A complete analysis of progress on all 241 Calls to Justice: After 4 years only 2 have been completed, around 50% have NOT started
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Federal
June 1: Native Women’s Association of Canada (NWAC) Annual Report Card on federal government Action Plan to address 232 Calls for Justice
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Newfoundland & Labrador
June 2: Reconciliation efforts highlighted on anniversary of Final Report of the National Inqiuiry into MMIWG
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Federal
June 3: 2022-23 Federal Pathways Annual Progress Report: Culture, Health & Wellness, Human Safety & Security, Justice, Capacity Building & Coordination
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Federal
June 5: Feds say progress being made on MMIWG Calls to justice, critics disagree
June 5: Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO) urges action on the issue of MMIWG2S+
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Yukon
June 7: Yukon presents implementation plan for MMIWG2S+ strategy
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Federal
June 5: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) releases Final Report from MMIWG2S+ National Gathering
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: BC
June 5: Indigenous-driven solutions lead the way on Path Forward
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Saskatchewan
June 6: Saskatchewan reports continued progress addressing issue of MMIWG
Update to “Government Commitments to MMIWG”: Federal
June 9: Government of Canada announces funding has been allocated to 10 Indigenous women’s organizations and 2SLGBTQI+ communities working to end the national crisis of MMIWG and 2SLGBTQI+ people
Update to “Government Commitments to Indigenous Women”: Federal
June 6: The Government of Canada provides funding to the Native Women’s Association of Canada to prevent gender-based violence
Home Page: Background Content
NEW SECTION: Mother. Sister. Daughter: A CBC MMIWG Project: Federal
June 5: A complete analysis of progress on all 241 Calls to Justice: After 4 years only 2 have been completed, almost 50% have NOT started
Call to Action # 42

Federal, Provincial and Territory governments to commit to recognize and implement Aboriginal Justice Systems

Update to “Working Group on Reviewing Laws and Policies: Federal
June 8: Taking action to ensure all federal laws uphold Aboriginal Treaty and Rights

Reconciliation Calls to Action


Home Page – Current Reality
Update to “Current Reality”
June 22: Federal government releases UNDRIP Action Plan 2023-2028 with 181 measures to address implementation issues
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Bill C-15 Action Plan“: Federal
June 22: Ottawa releases action plan to implement UNDRIP, despite calls for more consultation
June 22: Federal Action Plan for UNDRIP lacks input from rightsholders, the treaty nations, says Crowchild
Call to Action # 44

Federal government to develop national action plan and strategies to achieve UNDRIP goals

Update to “Why In Progress?”
June 22: Federal government releases UNDRIP Action Plan 2023-2028
Update to “Bill C-15 Action Plan”: Federal
June 22: Federal government releases UNDRIP Action Plan 2023-2028
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous Responses to Action Plan”
June 21: Assembly of First Nations (AFN) acknowledges the UNDRIP Action Plan and calls for concrete implementation
Update to “Indigenous Responses to Action Plan”
June 22: Métis National Council joins announcement of the release of the UNDRIP Action Plan


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Failure in Fund-Raising Efforts”: Catholic Church
June 13: Catholic Church’s reconciliation fund draws mixed reaction from residential school survivors
Call to Action # 61

Church Parties to Settlement Agreement to allocate permanent funding for healing, language and reconciliation projects

Update to “Church Commitment to Permanent Funding”: Catholic Church
June 7: Archdiocese of Edmonton donates $3.2M to Indigenous reconciliation efforts


Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Voices of Indigenous Youth:
June 7: 38 young people share their visions of reconciliation
Call to Action # 66

Federal government to provide multi-year funding for community-based youth programs

Update to “Canadian Roots Exchange”: Federal
June 6: A strong voice: Canada’s Indigenous youth are not feeling the full effects of reconciliation and offer solutions
Home Page – Background Content


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”: BC
June 6: First Nations in BC pays almost $40,000 to bring 140 year-old robe home
Update to “Repatriating Indigenous Artefacts”: BC
June 15: Tahltan central government archives receives qualified repository status
Call to Action # 68

Federal government and Canadian Museum Association to establish a reconciliation funding program to commemorate Canada 150

Update to “Provincial Heritage Commitments”: Ontario
June 16: Hamilton adds signs at 4 monuments to acknowledge ‘problematic’ sites need to change


Home Page – Current Reality
Update to “Current Reality
June 26: Added discovery of 88 unmarked graves at St. Brunos IRS to “Table of Residential School Unmarked Graves”
Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Challenges for Special Interlocutor””: Federal
June 6: “Have some respect’: International involvement in residential schools burial work not wanted, needed
Update to “Challenges for Special Interlocutor””: Federal
June 16: ‘Canada must combat residential school denialism’, Special Interlocutor’s report says
June 16: Residential School denialists tried to dig up suspected graves in Kamloops, BC, report says
June 20: Residential School denialism is on the rise. What to know
Update to “Québec’s Missing Children”: Québec
June 15: Bodies of 2 Innu babies to be exhumed in first for Québec’s new law
Update to “Discoveries of Unmarked Graves”: Yukon
June 18: First Nations in Yukon hope search for unmarked graves of missing children can “bring peace’
June 29: 88 unmarked graves discovered at St. Bruno’s Indian Residential School
June 26: St. Bruno’s Residential School ground penetrating radar report released
Update to “Discoveries of Unmarked Graves”: Québec
June 29: Search dogs find signs of human remains on site of Montreal’s old Royal College Hospital
NEW SECTION: How Ground Penetrating Radar Works
June 16: How ground penetrating radar is used to find unmarked graves at residential schools
Call to Action # 75

Federal, provincial, territory and municipal governments to identify, protect and commemorate residential school cemeteries

Update to ” Indigenous-led Commitments”: Manitoba
June 4: Manitoba First Nation and Columbian researchers discuss ‘forensics of care’ in their work on unmarked graves
Update to “Federal Government Disbursements”: Federal
June 13: Ground search begins at former Chooutla school site in Yukon


Call to Action # 77
Update to “Commitments to Provide Records”: Federal
June 28: New Advisory Committee to transfer millions of unreleased residential school documents announced


Home Page – Current Reality
Update to “Current Reality?”
June 20: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) selects site for national Residential School monument on Parliament Hill
Call to Action # 80

Federal Government to establish a statutory holiday, “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Phyllis Webb’s Story”
June 20: New picture book by Orange Shirt Day creator Phyllis Webstad to explore meaning of ‘Every Child Matters’
Call to Action # 81

Federal Government to commission and install a Residential School National Monument in Ottawa

Update to “Why In Progress?”
June 20: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) selects site for national Residential School monument on Parliament Hill
Update to “Ottawa Monument”: Federal
June 20: Monument to residential school survivors, victims to be built on Parliament Hill
June 20: National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) selects site for National Residential School monument
Call to Action # 82

Provincial and Territory governments to commission and install a Residential School monument in each capital city

Update to “Residential School Monuments”: BC
June 12: Residential School memorial pole will make stop on Vancouver Island before installation in Vancouver
Update to “Residential School Monuments”: Manitoba
June 25: New MMIWG monument a sacred place for families to gather, mourn


Call to Action # 87
Update to “Commitments to Public Education”: Nova Scotia
June 19: New home for Pictou County Sports Hall of Fame
Update to “Commitments to Public Education”: Sports Hall of Fame
June 26: Indigenous athletes among panelists at event celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Legislative and Institutional Issues”: Federal
June 8: John Ivison: “The case for backing Indigenous loans”
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Indigenous-led Initiatives“: BC
June 16: Massive Vancouver land development unveiled for Jericho area
Update to “Indigenous-led Initiatives“: Ontario
June 26: Electra announces commitments for strategic investment from First Nations-owned Three Fires Group
Call to Action # 92

Corporate Canada to adopt UNDRIP as a reconciliation framework to apply to policies and operations

Update to “Individual Business Initiative”: Ontario
June 7: KPMG in Canada releases its Inclusion, Diversity and Equity report, reflecting a commitment to an inclusive & equitable workplace
Update to “Individual Business Initiatives“: Ontario
June 15: Deloitte Canada reinforces its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Commitment statement and policies
Update to “Individual Business Initiatives“: Manitoba
June 29: Canada Life announces support for new mentorship program for Indigenous learners at Red River College Polytechnic
Update to “Indigenous Business Organizations
June 19: Energy deals reboot ties between Indigenous people and Corporate Canada



Home Page – Current Reality
Update to Table: Drinking Water Advisories
June 19: 142 Long term DWA’s have been lifted (84%). 26 First Nations communities still have 28 long-term DWAs


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to: “Food Insecurity: Nunavut
June 8: Nunavut children going to school hungry, senators told


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to :”Federal Budgets“: Federal
June 12: Canada’s continued failure to provide adequate housing led to lawsuit, says chief
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Government Programs”: Nunavut
June 2: 22 Modular housing units to be built across Nunavut
Update to: Government Programs”: Federal
June 9: New, urban, rural and northern Indigenous housing organization gets $287.1M for urgent projects
Update to: Government Programs”: Federal
June 8: Funding for urgent, unmet indigenous housing projects in urban, rural and northern areas to be distributed through the National Indigenous Collaborative Housing Incorporated
Update to: Government Programs”: Ontario
June 9: First Unitarian Ottawa and Partners unveil plans for ‘Odayanhaway’: a little village of sustainable and affordable housing
Update to: “Government Programs”: Northwest Territories
June 23: Housing Northwest Territories establishes permanent Indigenous Housing Forum
Update to: “Homelessness”: Saskatchewan
June 28: Government extends funding for Sawêyihtotân Project


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Individual Municipal Issues”: Québec
June 4: Vitriol in Val d’Or: How homelessness and petty crime have re-ignited racial tensions
Home Page – Background Content
Update to “Individual Municipal Commitments”: Federation of Canadian Municipalities
June 15: “Stronger Together: A Toolkit for First Nations-Municipal Community Economic Development Partnerships”
Update to “Individual Municipal Commitments”: B.C.
June 19: Meet Vancouver’s first Senior Director of Indigenous Relations
Update to “Government Programs”: Federal, Québec
June 27: Investments in new Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Issues”: Alberta
June 5: The Lie of a Cleaner Oilsands
Update to “Specific Industry Environmental Issues: Ontario
June 20: Proposed Chalk River nuclear dumpsite violates UNDRIP, say Algonquin chief
Update to “Climate Change”: Federal
June 6: Spring wildfire costing Indigenous Services millions, says minister
Update to “Climate Change”: Ontario
June 6: Algonquins of Barriere Lake members evacuated from territory as Québec wildfires burn
Update to “Climate Change“: All levels of government
June 8: Wildfire season highlights the need for more emergency resources in remote Indigenous communities
Update to “Climate Change”: All levels of Government
June 14: During the worst wildfire season this century, Indigenous communities need to consider their participation in resource extraction, says researcher
Update to “Climate Change”: Federal
June 20: On energy transition, Canada should take a matriarchal approach
Update to “Climate Change”: Federal
June 26: Feds underfunding emergency preparation in First Nations communities, says report
Update to “Climate Change”: Québec
June 23: Québec wildfires: Cree community orders evacuation of 4,000 due to heavy smoke
Update to: “International Environment Issues: Federal
June 12: Indigenous communities in BC, Alaska declare state of emergency over Pacific Salmon
Home Page – Background Content
Update to: Govt. Commitments to the Environment: Federal
June 2: Federal investment to support Clean Energy Planning with QUEST Canada, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation and Frog Lake First Nation
Update to: Govt. Programs: Federal
June 23: Ottawa, Yellowknife Dene sign procurement framework agreement for Giant Mine cleanup
Update to: Govt. Commitments to the Environment: Federal
June 27: A significant milestone between Cree Nation Government and Fisheries and Oceans Canada – signing a conservation agreement for Lake Sturgeon populations in Eeyou Istchee, northern Quebec
Update to: Govt. Commitments to the Environment: Federal
June 27: ‘Plan, prepare, act’: Government of Canada launches first National Adaptation Strategy
Update to: Govt. Commitments to the Environment: BC
June 28: Parks Canada contributes more than $525,000 to advance the Indigenous-led Westcoast Stewardship Corridor with First Nation partners on Vancouver Island
Update to: Govt. Commitments to the Environment: Federal
June 28: Government of Canada supports clean, renewable energy with $50 Million investment for Indigenous -led wind power in Saskatchewan
Update to “Indigenous Solutions – Climate Change”: BC
June 8: Ancient Indigenous ‘clam gardens’ could be modern day climate solution
Update to “Government Commitments to the Environment”: Federal
June 19: Government of Canada and Assembly of First Nations (AFN)chart a joint path for new and updated priorities on climate action
Update to “Indigenous Conservation Areas”: Federal, BC
June 22: How First Nations are asserting sovereignty over their lands and water


Home Page – Current Problems
Update to: “Aboriginal Rights and Title”: Alberta
June 27: Experts call on Alberta government to strengthen treaty relationshios
Update to: “Supreme Court”: Federal
June 12: Supreme Court refuses to hear Métis harvesting rights case, sets in motion more expansive claim
Update to “Land Back Movement”: Federal, Ontario
June 29: In Brief: Ontario Court weighs in on Treaty Rights and Land Back
Home Page – Background Content
Update to: “Comprehensive Claims and Modern Treaties”: Nunavut
June 30: Nunavut one step closer to realizing land use plan
Update to “Indigenous Victories”: Federal
June 17: “Canada has a lot of unpaid bills’: $10B settlement reached in landmark First Nation Treaty case
Update to “Indigenous Victories”: Federal, Ontario
June 19: Robinson-Huron citizens offered long overdue payment
June 19: Robinson-Huron Treaty Leadership, Ontario and Canada announce proposed settlement and next step in Trety Annuities court case
Update to “Indigenous Victories”: BC
June 22: Flying Dust First Nation to get land back from Canadian government after 91 years


ThemeDateIndigenous Group Comment
Government CommitmentsJune 2First NationArnold Gardner: Northwestern Ontario heartbroken to lose longtime Ojibway chief and role model
June 6Fits Nation, Métis, InuitNellie Cournoyea, Thelma Chalifoux, George Manuel: Canada Post pays tribute to Indigenous leaders with record stamp set
June 14First NationsMLAs pay tribute to late Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in elder, Peggy Normandy and her enduring legacy
June 27First NationsM’kmaw elder and author Daniel Paul has died at age 84
June 30InuitFrench town unveils plaque for Inuk war hero, John Shiwak
Language and CultureJune 10First NationChevez Ezaneh, Saskatchewan First Nation man builds Dene computer keyboard to help others to learn the language
Treaties and Land ClaimsJune 12First NationSecwépemc leader George Manuel honoured with Canada Post stamp
CommemorationJune 19First NationAdrian Stimson, Indigenous artist chosen to design Canada’s Afghan War monument
EducationJune 22First NationPikangikum First Nation celebrates its largest ever graduating class – and its a big deal
SportsJune 21First NationJoe Buffalo: Skateboarding saved me- now I’m giving back
JusticeJune 23First NationCharity and Cameron West walk across Canada to bring awareness for missing ad murdered Indigenous people

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