Call to Action # 25

We call upon the federal government to establish a written policy that reaffirms the independence of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to investigate crimes in which the government has its own interest as a potential or real party in civil litigation.

Why “Stalled”?

Official government of Canada website “reaffirmed” independence of RCMP through a “Mandate letter” and not through any official statute or policy other than reference to “pursuant to section 5 of the “Royal Canadian Mounted Police Act” and an existing protocol “Principals to Implement Legal Advice on the Listing and Inspection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police Documents in Civil Litigation”.

Significant Deletion from Federal Government Response

Deletion of “from the executive branch” in April 8, 2019 government update eliminates the specificity that this C2A asks for. 

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May 07, 2018

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