Call to Action # 61

We call upon church parties to the Settlement Agreement, in collaboration with Survivors and representatives of Aboriginal organizations, to establish permanent funding to Aboriginal people for: 

  1. Community-controlled healing and reconciliation projects.
  2. Community-controlled culture and language revitalization projects. 
  3. Community-controlled education and relationship- building projects. 
  4. Regional dialogues for Indigenous spiritual leaders and youth to discuss Indigenous spirituality, self- determination, and reconciliation. 

Why “In Progress?”

All the Church Parties to the Settlement Agreement have funding programs in place most of which pre-date the TRC Calls to Action. The Catholic Church only raised $3.7M of a targeted $25M to fund ongoing Indigenous “Reconciliation” programs. A legal decision allowed them to forego raising the balance. Prorated refunds to the other Church Parties to the Settlement Agreement as a result of that decision were all re-allocated by the churches to Indigenous programming.

Current Status

July 5, 2022

In Progress

Previous Status

May 14, 2022

In Progress

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