Call to Action # 74

We call upon the federal government to work with the churches and Aboriginal community leaders to inform the families of children who died at residential schools of the child’s burial location, and to respond to families’ wishes for appropriate commemoration ceremonies and markers, and reburial in home communities where requested.

Why “In Progress?”

July 20, 2022: The Govt. of Canada and the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation announce the new National Advisory Committee on Residential Schools Missing Children and Unmarked Burials

June 1, 2021: The federal government released $27M in unused funding from a $33.8M budget allocations for Calls to Action # 72 and 73 in Budget 2019 to assist communities in the search for additional graves. There are no specifics identifying what the government is doing, with whom, by when, or any details on how the $27M will be disbursed and applied.

August 11, 2021: The federal government committed $321M in new funding for Indigenous communities and appointing a special interlocutor to propose law and policy changes to better responds to the findings of unmarked graves at former residential school sites, including:

  • $83M added to the existing $27M program to fund searches of burial sites and commemorate the children who died at residential schools
  • $100M over two years to help Indigenous communities manage residential school buildings. To access this support, as well as support for the location, commemoration and memorialization of remains, communities can apply through the Residential Schools Missing Children – Community Support Funding Program.

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