Call to Action # 84

We call upon the federal government to restore and increase funding to the CBC/Radio-Canada, to enable Canada’s national public broadcaster to support reconciliation, and be properly reflective of the diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives of Aboriginal peoples, including, but not limited to: 

  1. Increasing Aboriginal programming, including Aboriginal-language speakers.
  2. Increasing equitable access for Aboriginal peoples to jobs, leadership positions, and professional development opportunities within the organization. 
  3. Continuing to provide dedicated news coverage and online public information resources on issues of concern to Aboriginal peoples and all Canadians, including the history and legacy of residential schools and the reconciliation process.

Why “Complete”?

Sept. 3, 2021: Toronto Star – In their 2021 platform, the Liberals have promised to provide the CBC $400 million over four years “so that it is less reliant on private advertising with a goal of eliminating advertising during news and other public affairs shows.”

Federal Government reinvested $675M in the CBC through Budget 2016 over 5 years to expand Indigenous programming.”

Current Status

December 31, 2022


Previous Status

December 2, 2022


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