Call to Action # 1: Child Welfare (1-5)

January 1, 1970

Building Stronger Families: An Action Plan to Transform Child and Family Services”, tabled in the NWT legislature. The ‘Plan’ acknowledges the roles “Aboriginal Governments play in the delivery of programs and services and recognizes their future interests in drawing down the authorities associated with the delivery of child and family services. We are committed to be open, flexible and responsive in working with the diverse governance structures of regional Aboriginal Governments and understanding the unique interests and challenges of each region and community. Upon request, the Department will work in partnership with Aboriginal Governments, share information and knowledge, and help build capacity. The “Building Stronger Families Action Plan” encompasses twelve separate initiatives:

  1. Revised Accountability Framework
  2. Legislative Amendments
  3. Leadership and Communications
  4. Workload Management Study
  5. Annual Compliance Audits
  6. Manual Provision and Practice Tools
  7. Supervisor Training Program
  8. Risk Assessment and Differential Response
  9. Permanency Planning
  10. Information Management and System Replacement
  11. Inventory and Manual of Prevention Programs