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Call to Action # 80: Commemoration (79-83)

Provincial opposition to Bill C-5 “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation” as a statutory holiday

September 9, 2021

Updated Feb. 7, 2023 to move BC to those who have enacted a statutory holiday

Those provinces who will not recognize Sept 30, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, as a statutory holiday:

Party in PowerDateComment
Alberta284,470ConservativeAlberta told CTV Edmonton it won’t legislate the holiday, but that provincial government flags will be lowered.
Saskatchewan187,890ConservativeOct. 3, 2018There are no plans to make changes to the province’s employment act to make Sept. 30 a public holiday for workers in provincial workplaces
Ontario406,590ConservativeSept 8, 2021Ontario Public Service employees will be observing a day of commemoration, similar to Remembrance Day and Easter Monday,” said spokesperson Curtis Lindsay (Toronto Star)
Québec205,010ConservativeQuebec Premier Francois Legault said in June there were no plans to add a statutory holiday. That position hasn’t changed, said Mathieu Durocher, spokesman for Indigenous Affairs Minister Ian Lafreniere.
Nova Scotia52,430ConservativeTruth and Reconciliation Day is not one of the general (paid) holidays listed in the Nova Scotia Labour Standards Code. Provincial government offices will close
Nfld. & Labrador46,550LiberalSept. 9Indicated they would not be observing the holiday at a provincial level
1,182,94065.5% of the Indigenous population in Canada

Yukon said in a news release that it will be working with First Nations, businesses and communities over the next few months on how to best mark the day with respect and compassion.