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2019 Inuit Nunangat Housing Strategy

April 3, 2019

Housing in Inuit Nunangat is characterized by high costs of construction, operation and maintenance and limited options. Due to limited resources, federal and provincial/ territorial housing policies have not sufficiently focused on addressing all options along the housing continuum and the need for culturally appropriate housing built of high- quality materials suited to the harsh climate. When indirect federal funds, such as those transferred to provinces and territories, have been available, the funding criteria have not always resulted in appropriate housing solutions. This has led to Inuit missing out on potential benefits of these programs. In addition, when funding is available, there is usually little account for high construction and operations costs and demographic trends, including high population growth in Inuit Nunangat.

In recognition of the importance of improving Inuit housing outcomes and in the spirit of working collaboratively to address Inuit needs, housing is one of the priority areas of the Inuit-Crown Partnership Committee. The co-development of the Inuit Nunangat Housing Strategy is fundamental to establishing and sustaining a new partnership for addressing housing gaps between Inuit Nunangat and the rest of Canada.

Inuit Nunangat Housing Strategy Actions

  • Assess the effectiveness of recent investments in housing in Inuit Nunangat
  • Develop a long-term plan for direct federal housing investments in Inuit Nunangat
  • Enhance research, innovation and statistics
  • Reduce overcrowding and the reliance on social housing while increasing affordable housing options and
  • improving housing quality
  • Enhancing capacity
  • Enhance intergovernmental collaboration
  • Inuit Nunangat Housing Strategy Implementation and Evaluation

The report provides details for each of the four Inuit Nunangat regions:

  • Inuvialuit Settlement Region (Northwest Territories)
  • Nunavut
  • Nunavik (Québec)
  • Nunatsiavut (Newfoundland and Labrador)