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AFN-QL Action Plan on Racism and Discrimination

February 2, 2021

Assembly of First Nations Québec-Labrador – AFNQL acknowledges City of Gatineau, which today mandated, by unanimous resolution, its Table de concertation sur le vivre ensemble, to reflect on the actions proposed to municipalities stemming from the AFNQL’s action plan on the fight against racism and discrimination towards First Nations.

“I am very pleased today to take part in this announcement by Mayor Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin and the elected officials of the City of Gatineau, who are putting their efforts into fostering closer ties and living together. The fight against racism and discrimination is a challenge for everyone. The commitment of elected municipal officials represents the political will that can only inspire our respective societies. This movement is in keeping with the spirit of the Summit of Municipalities and First Nations initiated more than three years ago,” said AFNQL Chief Ghislain Picard.

“Too often, racism and discrimination are the result of misconceptions, and action is needed to reduce mistrust and improve relationships…this sends a clear signal about the importance of improving relationships and recognizing our ancestral territories,” said Chief Dylan Whiteduck of the Anishinabeg community of Kitigan Zibi.

“The AFNQL also wishes to salute the openness of the Anishinabeg Nation, and in particular the elected officials of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg, who confirm their willingness to work in partnership with their neighbors. The AFNQL launched its Action Plan on Racism and Discrimination towards First Nations on September 29, 2020. This plan contains more than 140 proposed actions, of which more than thirty are addressed to municipalities.