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Call to Action # 66: Youth Programs (66)

Tungasuvvingat Inuksuk (TI) Youth Life Promotion “Inuksuk”Campaign

April 28, 2020

The Youth Life Promotion at TI, is launching the Inuksuk Campaign. Historically the Inuksuk was seen as a survival tool and during this pandemic, it is vital to remember our strengths and move forward in our lives. The Inuksuk Campaign is designed as a community project to share photos and videos of Inuksuk made by Urban Inuit or seen within the Urban Inuit communities. In support of Urban Inuit Youth, the campaign will also help bring together urban and rural Inuit community members in “The Fifth Region”. Statistics Canada has identified that nearly 40% (or more) of Inuit live outside of Inuit Nunangat and it is important to recognize urban Inuit communities and celebrate their unique history of urban Inuit identity.