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Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs Passes Key Resolutions Addressing Treaty Rights, Governance, and Environmental Concerns

February 26, 2024

NationTalk: Treaty One Territory, Manitoba – The Chiefs-in-Assembly and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) gathered at the General Assembly on February 21-22, 2024, to discuss and pass several resolutions addressing crucial issues affecting First Nations in Manitoba. These resolutions span topics ranging from fisheries transformation and child and family services to environmental concerns and the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) Act.

Here is a summary of the resolutions passed during the recent AMC Chiefs-in-Assembly:

First Nations Drinking Water Settlement Deadline Extension: Acknowledging the basic human right to reliable access to safe drinking water, this resolution highlights a settlement between Canada and certain First Nations regarding long-term drinking water advisories. The settlement includes commitments to address water advisories and provide safe drinking water infrastructure by March 31, 2030. However, a deadline of March 7, 2024, for submitting claims may jeopardize Manitoba First Nations’ ability to complete the process. The resolution directs the Grand Chief’s Office to request an extension in the Class Action Lawsuit to ensure sufficient time for Manitoba First Nations to complete the claims process.

Transformation of Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation: The resolution supports the Fisher River Cree Nation’s proposal to collaborate with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the government of Canada for the transformation of the Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation. Emphasizing the need to address concerns related to profit sharing, ownership, and control in the fishery industry, the AMC resolves to support Fisher River Cree Nation in this initiative.

Strategic Plan on Unity: Highlighting the historical context of unity efforts among Manitoba First Nations, the resolution directs the AMC Secretariat to collaborate with various organizations to prepare a Strategic Plan on Unity. This plan will incorporate the foundational role of treaties and align with UNDRIP principles.

Regional Engagement on Provincial/Territorial Service Level Agreements for the First Nations Child and Family Services Program: Addressing the need for regional engagement on service level agreements, the resolution acknowledges the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal’s decision to reform the discriminatory First Nations Child and Family Services Program. The AMC will conduct regional engagements with First Nations to ensure fair funding and align with the rights of First Nations children and families.

MMIWG2S+ National Inquiry Call for Justice 5.1: Tripartite Process to Implement the Recommendations of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry: The resolution emphasizes the AMC’s commitment to implementing the MMIWG2S+ National Inquiry Call for Justice 5.1 and engaging in a tripartite process with Canada and Manitoba to fully implement the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry (AJI). It aligns this effort with previous resolutions supporting the recommendations of the AJI and UNDRIP.

Response to the City of Winnipeg’s Raw Sewage Dump into the Red River: The resolution condemns the City of Winnipeg for its lack of urgency in addressing a raw sewage leak into the Red River. The AMC directs its Grand Chiefs Office to engage with the City of Winnipeg, demanding immediate action and inclusion of AMC member First Nations in discussions related to planning and development.

Education and Cultural Training for the Provincial Department of Natural Resources: The resolution calls on the provincial government to collaborate with the AMC Secretariat and Elder’s Council to develop educational and cultural training materials on First Nations treaty rights for Manitoba’s Conservation Officers.

Responding to MMIWG2S+ National Inquiry Calls for Justice: Addressing the exclusion of the AMC from the round table. The resolution mandates the AMC Secretariat to collaborate with various organizations to develop a First Nations response to the MMIWG2S+ Calls for Justice. The Chiefs-in-Assembly also supports the creation of a regional missing First Nations citizen alert and calls on Canada to review regional funding related to MMIWG2S+.

Implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act: The resolution addresses the implementation of the UNDA, emphasizing the AMC’s commitment to advancing inherent rights and treaty rights. The Chiefs-in-Assembly direct the AMC Secretariat to lead regional discussions on the UNDA Action Plan and revitalize the Chiefs’ Committee on Self-Determination and Treaties.

Review, Clarification, and Alignment of All Roles and Responsibilities of the AMC: The resolution calls for a review of all the instruments outlined in the AMC Constitution to enhance accountability, governance, and unity within the AMC structures.

These resolutions demonstrate the Chiefs-in-Assembly and the AMC’s dedication to advancing the rights and interests of First Nations in Manitoba, promoting unity, and addressing critical issues affecting the region.

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