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Call to Action # 53: National Council for Reconciliation (53-56)

Bill C-29 passes in Parliament

May 2, 2024

The federal Reconciliation Council was officially given life when Bill C-29 received Royal Assent Tuesday in Ottawa. 

Hamilton Spectator: The federal Reconciliation Council was officially given life when Bill C-29 received Royal Assent Tuesday in Ottawa.

The Reconciliation Council’s mandate will be to oversee the federal government’s responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action, including the creation of the council.

“It is an honour and a privilege to participate, along with my colleagues on the Transition Committee and members of the government, in the creation of the National Reconciliation Council,” said committee member Edith Cloutier. “This milestone marks a great moment in the history of relations between our peoples and is a pledge of hope for the future.”

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which heard testimony and took direction from survivors to draft the Calls to Action, envisioned an Indigenous-led, independent, and permanent council to ensure long-term progress on reconciliation in Canada.

Call to Action 53 called on the federal government to enact legislation to establish the council.

The council, which will be representative of the diversity of Indigenous people in Canada and supported by nominations from national Indigenous organizations, will monitor, evaluate, and report on efforts to advance reconciliation and implement the Calls to Action, the government said.

Federal Crown-Indigenous Relations minister Gary Anandasangaree said despite having much work left to do, the creation of the council is an important step forward.

“The National Council for Reconciliation will hold our feet to the fire as we continue to walk the path of reconciliation in this country,” he said. “The road ahead requires hard work from all levels of government, businesses, civil society, and more. Many voices have strengthened this legislation, and I thank them for their contributions. More to do.”

Bill C-29 provides a framework for council’s day-to-day activities, including the development of a multi-year action plan to advance reconciliation, monitoring federal-government policy, and advocating for reconciliation in all sectors of Canadian society.

The council will also provide an annual report on its activities.

By Marc Lalonde, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter Iori:wase