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Cdn. Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) Releases Health Human Resources Assessment Report

April 4, 2023

NationTalk: Ottawa – Today, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) released its report on health human resources (HHR) in Canada.  The report, titled “Canada’s Health Workforce: Pathways Forward”, provides key findings designed to inform stakeholders (including governments).

The report provides evidence-informed approaches to addressing the current challenges facing the Canadian health workforce.

The three overarching themes were identified:

  • Support and retention,
  • Deployment and service delivery,
  • Planning and development.

To study these themes and respond to the questions asked by the sponsor, CAHS assembled an independent panel with three working groups of experts.  In addition, a committee led by and composed of Indigenous health leaders contributed to the overall report and authored the section on Indigenous health workforce.  Over 30 interdisciplinary clinical and academic health workforce experts contributed the diversity of perspectives needed to guide the overall work.

This assessment included the review of over 5,000 scientific articles and 250 policy documents and was informed by the participation of over 800 individuals representing 245 organizations.  Organizations submitted over 100 documents to inform the assessment.

The CAHS wishes to thank the assessments co-chairs and acknowledge Health Canada who funded this work through a contribution agreement.

For further information, click here to see our reports:

  • Backgrounder,
  • Overview,
  • Assessment report,
  • Engagement report.

Or contact: Serge Buy, Chief Executive Officer,

Indigenous Peoples & Communities“: Leading Policies and Practices

➡  Creating space and providing support for Indigenous leadership to design, develop, direct, deliver, and evaluate Indigenous health programs and services.

➡  Increasing the population of Indigenous learners and practitioners within healthcare education and clinical settings and supporting successful and fulfilling transitions to healthcare practice.

➡  Disrupting racism within the health workforce and health systems through Indigenous- led development of anti-racism policies, safe reporting and investigation processes, and mandatory education and training.

➡  Implementing Indigenous data sovereignty and research principles in relation to workforce data collection, outcome-based research, and evaluation including the development and support of the Indigenous health research workforce.

Priority Pathways for early implementation

➡  Supporting the development of successful and fulfilled Indigenous healthcare learners and practitioners.