Chiefs of Ontario

January 4, 2022

After careful consideration, the Chiefs of Ontario Leadership Council voted to approve this Agreement-in-Principle.
“This Agreement-in-Principle is the beginning of addressing the systemic racism and systemic barriers faced by First Nations families and children for generations. We’ve worked tirelessly in these ongoing negotiations with Canada to reform the chronic and discriminatory underfunding of First Nations Child and Family Services and Jordan’s Principle. It is our intent to ensure First Nations children and families are happy, healthy and supported for years to come,” said Ontario Regional Chief Glen Hare. “As Ontario Regional Chief, the health and wellbeing of First Nations children and families remain of top priority and we will continue our advocacy efforts to ensure our citizens are no longer subject to a system designed to assimilate First Nations.”
The Agreement-in-Principle will initiate long-term reforms that ensure First Nations-led, culturally appropriate supports and prevention services are available to families. It will also increase funding available for First Nation Representative services and will provide culturally-grounded protection approaches that will allow First Nations youth to remain connected to their language and culture, safely within their homes and communities.