Cowassess First Nation

March 4, 2020

Global News – A south Saskatchewan First Nation is making history by becoming the first Indigenous community in Canada to pass its own child welfare legislation under new federal legislation. The nation’s Miyo Pimatisowan Act accounts for the complicated devolution process. On Jan. 9 – 8 days after the Indigenous Child Welfare Act came into effect, Cowessess gave formal notice to Canada that it was developing its own law, sending a First Nations resolution exercising its right to govern on such matters.
Cowessess projects it will need $15 million to fund its child and family services agency, named Chief Red Bear Lodge. The nation is currently seeking a CEO for the organization. “The funding is such a major piece when it comes to this legislation because we would be financially responsible when it comes to all of those children,” Marcy Large, Cowessess child welfare legislation lead said.