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Creating more shelter space in Edmonton

September 1, 2023

Alberta’s government is accepting applications from operators able to offer additional shelter spaces.

NationTalk: As the winter season approaches, the government is taking action to increase shelter spaces. Service providers and homeless-serving agencies interested in opening and operating up to 200 additional 24-7 emergency shelter spaces outside of Edmonton’s downtown core can submit applications now. These spaces are intended to be open year-round and be accessible to all adults experiencing homelessness. This will bring the total number of winter shelter spaces in Edmonton to 1,727.

“We are taking steps to support the City of Edmonton to reduce homelessness and promote public safety by connecting vulnerable citizens to appropriate supports. Shelter space is available in the city for all people experiencing homelessness and we will continue to work with the city – and all municipalities to ensure that space is available for all those who need it.”

Jason Nixon, Minister of Seniors, Community and Social Services

Alberta’s government is currently connecting with agencies that expressed interest from the first application call in July, which included up to 100 permanent Indigenous-led spaces, up to 100 permanent women-only spaces, and temporary winter spaces. These actions are part of Alberta’s Action Plan on Homelessness, announced in October 2022, which included funding increases for 24-7 shelter operations and other homelessness initiatives in Edmonton.

“Edmonton is experiencing an unprecedented housing and houselessness crisis. More than 3,000 people are experiencing houselessness on any given day in Edmonton, with over 1,200 people accessing shelters or sleeping outdoors. I am very pleased that the Government of Alberta is increasing investments to respond to this crisis and support unhoused Edmontonians.”

Amarjeet Sohi, mayor, City of Edmonton

Details about the call for shelter operators are posted online on the Alberta Purchasing Connection.

Quick facts

  • Alberta’s Action Plan on Homelessness includes a commitment of $63 million over two years.
  • Approximately $22 million is allocated in 2023-2024 to Edmonton homelessness responses, including 777 permanent shelter spaces and 300 longer-term spaces.
  • The action plan provides $5 million to support up to an additional 450 winter spaces, however funding permanent spaces to reduce the need for temporary space is preferred.
  • Edmonton’s Homeward Trust receives $41 million annually in provincial funding.

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