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February 26, 2021

Montreal Gazette – Québec Indigenous Affairs Minister Ian Lafrenière, Health Minister Christian Dubé and interim Lanaudière health authority director Caroline Barbir announced along with Atikamekw chief Paul-Émile Ottawa announced the following changes:

* the creation of a reconciliation committee
* the addition to the health authority’s management of a liaison officer responsible for relations with the Atikamekw community
* a commissioner to deal with complaints from Indigenous users concerning the quality of services received at the institution. Both posts will be filled by members of the community
* a seat on the health authority’s board of directors will be reserved for an Indigenous candidate
* all health authority employees will be obliged to complete a training course, the content of which will be approved by the Atikamekw community

Finally, Dubé said the changes announced for the Lanaudière region’s health authority could serve as a model for reforms he intends to carry out throughout all of the health care network, with modifications for certain regions.