Actions and Commitments

Call to Action # 40: Justice (25-42)

Walking Together: Ontario’s Long-Term Strategy to end Violence Against Indigenous Women

February 18, 2016

Violence against Indigenous women has been tearing apart the lives of women, their families and communities for generations. It is a legacy of colonialism that continues to exacerbate poverty, social isolation and insecurity. With this strategy, Ontario and Indigenous communities are coming together to end the cycle of violence and ensure future generations of Indigenous women can live the way they deserve — with safety and respect.

Ontario’s strategy promotes community safety and healing and addresses root causes of violence across six areas:

  1.  Supporting Children, Youth and Families
  2. Community Safety and Healing
  3.  Policing and Justice
  4. Prevention and Awareness
  5. Leadership, Collaboration, Alignment and Accountability
  6.  Improved Data and Research