Federal Government apology in response to Qikiqtani Truth Commission’s Final Report, Achieving Saimaqatigiingniq

November 30, 2021

The Qikiqtani Inuit Association and V Division RCMP will be unveiling a monument honouring the legacy and contribution of Inuit Special Constables and qimmiit. From the early to mid-1900s Inuit Special Constables accompanied RCMP members, serving as translators and guides. Patrols involved travel by dog sled or boat and the Special Constables hunted to keep the RCMP fed and clothed. This advances the Qikiqtani Truth Commission Recommendation #3 that “The QIA and RCMP should formally recognize the contributions of Inuit Special Constables and their families to the work of the RCMP in the region.” “QIA is proud of the work of Inuit carvers in bringing this era to life through their art,” said QIA President Olayuk Akesuk. “The recognition of Inuit special constables and qimmiit and their legacy is a vital step towards reconciliation in our region.