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Federal Government invests $11.1M over two years to support Indigenous languages in Saskatchewan

July 26, 2022

Canadian Heritage: SASKATOON – Today, the Minister of Canadian Heritage, Pablo Rodriguez, announced $11.1 million in funding, over two years (2021–22 to 2022–23) to support the efforts of Indigenous communities and Indigenous organizations in Saskatchewan to reclaim, revitalize, maintain and strengthen Indigenous languages.

This funding will increase the number of community-driven activities dedicated to keeping Indigenous languages alive, as well as the number of resources available to strengthen and revitalize these languages.

More concretely, this investment will allow language-learning activities to take place, including language instruction, language nests, language and culture camps, language development and translation, mentor-apprentice programs, and language training for instructors.

This investment through the Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program will also allow for the development of multimedia resources, dictionaries, online/digital language training, and strategic language plans.

Language and culture are at the core of one’s identity and self-worth, and are integral to the foundation of healthy communities. These projects are made possible through the Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program, and more precisely under the Indigenous Languages Component. Through these and other initiatives, Indigenous people are reclaiming their languages and cultural knowledge, and continuing to use them as authentic and powerful tools to share their own stories, in their own words.


“We have a collective role to play in supporting Indigenous Peoples to revitalize and maintain their languages. For each of us, our language is central to our identity, community and culture. It plays an important role in how we share our stories and our history, and how we connect with one another. The investment announced today will support Indigenous Peoples in building the next generations of speakers of Indigenous languages. We know that Indigenous Peoples themselves are best placed to lead these efforts.  For these reasons and more, the revitalization of Indigenous languages throughout Canada is and will remain a priority for me and for our government.”

—Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage

Quick facts

  • This investment through the Indigenous Languages and Cultures Program will allow for the development of resources and production of radio and television capsules, videos and audio, books, lesson plans, recordings, magazines, reference documents, dictionaries and databases, audiovisual teaching aids, applications, games, online/digital language training, workbooks, online portals and websites, and strategic language plans.
  • In Budget 2019 and Budget 2021, Canada provided historic investments of $608.7 million and $117.7 million in ongoing funding to support the community‑based efforts of Indigenous Peoples to reclaim, revitalize, maintain and strengthen their languages.
  • The Indigenous Languages Act received Royal Assent on June 21, 2019. Canadian Heritage is working with Indigenous partners and organizations to implement the Act and develop a new approach to investing in Indigenous languages.

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