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Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation

First Nations Fiscal Management Act (FNMA) and the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management (FA)

May 16, 2018

Our Lands, Our Jurisdiction, Our Institutions: First Nations Leading the Way
First Nations who have chosen to work beyond the Indian Act are coming together to set the stage for the next generation of First Nations led initiatives that will support our jurisdiction and expanded government powers for Indigenous communities. Currently 276 First Nations, from all regions in Canada, are participating in either the FMA or the FA. At this pivotal time in history, this meeting will showcase trailblazing First Nations at the forefront of expanding jurisdiction and will highlight their achievements in working beyond the Indian Act in using First Nation-led agreements and legislation to improve their economies through greater fiscal independence, improved financial management, debenture financing, and sound land governance. The goals of the meeting are to bring First Nations leaders together to:

  • Share institutions tools and support services
  • Learn about First Nations success stories working outside of the Indian Act
  • Unify a collective voice for First Nations led initiatives and innovations
  • Set a clear path forward for building prosperous and vibrant First Nation communities