Indigenous Success Stories

Business and Reconciliation (92)

Frog Lake Energy Resources Corp

November 2, 2021

Toronto Star – Frog Lake First Nation is an example of how Indigenous nations are pursuing development strategies sensitive to responsible environmental stewardship. The Frog Lake Energy Resources Corp partnered with Kanata Clean Power and Climate Technologies to build net zero energy infrastructure. Frog Lake invested $1.5M from the wholly-owned subsidiary in Kanata. Money earned from legacy oil and gas projects is now being used to develop clean-burning fuels – natural gas with zero emissions. It’s a model for Indigenous developmemnt and energy transition; self-funded Indgenous enterprise in the green economy.
More specifically, the first Kanata project will be a natural-gas powered electricty plant using innovative technology that burns natural gas in oxygen, with the resulting CO2 being captured and heated to create electricity or sequestered undergound. Kanata’s technology, conceived by fast growing NET Power, turns grubby into clean making Natural Gas emissions-free. It will generate 300 magawatts of electricity and pridice watwer for 15,000 households, guven that ckean watewr is a by=-product of the process.