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From The Ashes: Reimagining Fire Safety

June 1, 2018

From the Ashes: Reimagining Fire Safety and Emergency Management in Indigenous Communities.
15th report of The House of Commons Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs

This unanimous report calls for changes to the federal framework supporting First Nations in the areas of emergency management and fire safety. Recognizing First Nations as equal partners is an essential first step in improving Canada’s approach. As such, the Committee urges that the federal government works in partnership with First Nations, provinces and territories to clarify, through trilateral agreements, the various roles and responsibilities regarding emergency management in First Nation communities.

During this study, the Committee heard of many promising initiatives, most notably, work towards the creation of a National Indigenous Fire Marshal’s Office. The Committee is in full support of this project. It will promote fire safety and prevention, and have a positive impact in these communities. The role of an Indigenous Fire Marshal’s Office should include: undertaking public education and awareness campaigns, implementing standardized training for fire safety officials, developing and enforcing fire safety standards and building codes, and conducting regular building inspections and data collection.

The link below from Feather of Hope lists all 13 recommendations listed in “From the Ashes” and the offical government repsonse from October 18, 2018