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Child Welfare (1-5)

Government Response to Children and Youth in Yukon Group Care

July 26, 2019

Response to Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office Systemic Review and Recommendations.
This spring the Yukon Child and Youth Advocate’s Office completed a review of Yukon’s system for children and youth in care. The report, Empty Spaces – Caring Connections: The Experiences of Child and Youth in Yukon Group Care, included 30 recommendations for the Government of Yukon.
The report has been reviewed in detail and the Government of Yukon is accepting 27 of the recommendations, one of which is accepted with modifications. Three of the recommendations will not be accepted, as they are addressed in other areas by the Department of Health and Social Services. The Child and Youth Advocate has been provided with clear rationale in relation to them. Work is underway to address the 27 accepted recommendations.

The Yukon Child and Youth Advocate Office’s (YCAO) review grouped the 30 recommendations thematically. The recommendations within the report pertained to three main areas:

  • policy procedure, and legislation;
  • case management; and
  • training.