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Indigenous Bar Association Celebrates Eileen Sasakamoose’s Lifetime Achievement Award

March 15, 2024

NationTalk: OTTAWA, ON – The Indigenous Bar Association (“IBA”) proudly celebrates Eileen Sasakamoose, IPC, on receiving the 2024 Women in Law Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award. Eileen is a distinguished Yellowknives Dene woman, a trailblazer in the legal profession, and a passionate advocate for Indigenous rights and social justice. Eileen was the first Dene woman to earn a law degree, was one of the founding directors of the IBA and was appointed to the Indigenous Peoples Counsel (“IPC”) in 2014. Her journey to becoming a prominent Indigenous lawyer and leader is marked by her unwavering dedication to her community and commitment to effecting positive change.

Throughout her career, Sasakamoose has been a tireless champion of Indigenous peoples, representing and defending Indigenous peoples’ rights and interests in various legal proceedings. Her advocacy has been instrumental in advancing Indigenous rights and promoting social justice within and out of the courtroom.

Sasakamoose’s leadership and contributions extend far beyond her legal practice. She has been actively involved in numerous Indigenous organizations and initiatives aimed at empowering Indigenous youth, promoting cultural revitalization, and fostering reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. Through her work as a mentor and role model, Sasakamoose has inspired countless individuals within the legal community to pursue their passions and strive for excellence.

In addition to her advocacy work, Sasakamoose has also made significant contributions to legal education and scholarship. She has been a guest lecturer and panelist at various universities and conferences, sharing her expertise on Indigenous legal issues and contributing to the development of a more inclusive and equitable legal curriculum. Sasakamoose’s dedication has earned her widespread recognition and respect from her peers.

“Eileen Sasakamoose’s acknowledgment is a fitting tribute to her outstanding contributions to the legal profession and her steadfast advocacy for Indigenous communities,” remarked Drew Lafond, President of the IBA. “Her commitment, passion, and leadership inspire us all. We are deeply appreciative of her ongoing efforts to champion justice and equality.”

The IBA is a national non-profit organization representing Indigenous legal professionals, including lawyers, judges, and law students, dedicated to advancing the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples in Canada. The IBA advocates for justice, equality, and the recognition of Indigenous legal traditions and perspectives within the legal system. For more information, please visit