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Indigenous legal trust backs NSDF challenge

June 12, 2024

First Peoples Law Report: North Renfrew Times – The Algonquin community challenging the Near Surface Disposal Facility (NSDF) at Chalk River has launched a fundraising campaign to support its legal case.

The Kebaowek First Nation filed an application for a judicial review of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s decision to approve construction of the NSDF earlier this year.

The case will be heard in federal court in Ottawa July 10-11.

To help support its campaign, Kebaowek has turned to the RAVEN Trust, which describes itself as a non-profit organization “dedicated to raising legal defence funds to assist Indigenous peoples who enforce their rights and protect their lands and culture.”

On their website (, RAVEN Trust says Kebaowek “does not approve of a nuclear waste facility that will permanently affect their sacred sites, inherent rights, unceded territory, and the Kichi Sibi (Ottawa River).”

“Kebaowek will argue for the implementation of free, prior, and informed consent under article 29.2 of UNDRIP (the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples).

“Kebaowek needs your support with their judicial review of the CNSC decision in federal court”…

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