Call to Action # 35: Justice (25-42)

Indigenous Women in Solitary Confinement. Policy Backgrounder, August 2017

January 1, 1970

Native Women’s Association of Canada


The Government of Canada should:

  1. Abolish the practice of solitary confinement and segregation for Indigenous women.
  2. Revise CSC policies and practices regarding Sections 81 and 84 of the CCRA so that do not restrict the legislative provisions and fulfill their therefore enable more women to access community-based and culturally appropriate options.
  3. Train police officers, judges, and lawyers on the impacts of colonialism and systemic discrimination and how those systems lead to the over-criminalization and incarceration of Indigenous women
  4. Collaborate with Indigenous communities, Elders, National Indigenous Organizations, and social justice/human rights organizations to develop community-based, culturally appropriate programming that is responsive to the needs of Indigenous women