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Government Commitments to Truth and Reconciliation

Inuit – Crown Bilateral Meetings

September 29, 2017

Meeting involved discussion and commitment to enhancing the efficiency of the federal approach to Inuit Nunangat-specific funding and policy development. This approach would strengthen Inuit self-determination and advance reconciliation by ensuring that federal policies and funding allocations recognize Inuit as one people with one culture, who have diverse arrangements for governance. Inuit leaders and federal Cabinet

Ministers discussed developing new approaches to delivering housing through the application of this approach.
Recognizing the continuing crisis of tuberculosis among Inuit, leaders pledged to establish a task force to work together to develop and implement a strategy for eliminating tuberculosis in Inuit Nunangat. Leaders also committed to advancing an Inuit Nunangat-specific approach to early learning and child care and to exploring options to improve educational outcomes rooted in Inuit culture and language.

Finally, recognizing the importance of the environment to Inuit, as well as the dramatic impacts of climate change across Inuit Nunangat, ITK and Environment and Climate Change Canada committed to implement a joint work plan to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment across Inuit Nunangat.