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Inuit Fiscal Relations

June 24, 2019

Inuit-specific Federal Budget Investments 2010-2019
“Inuit-specific Federal Budget Investments 2010-2019” seeks to quantify Inuit-specific federal government investments proposed in Budgets 2010 through 2019. Although an actual accounting of the allotted dollars committed and spent on Inuit-specific programming and services is beyond the scope of this report, we are able to quantify and describe investment announcements that are Inuit-specific in the federal budget plans for the years 2010 through 2019. Inuit-specific investment announcements are estimated by reviewing and categorizing all references to “Inuit” in federal budget plans. Inuit-specific investment announcements indicate new commitments to Inuit in a given budget year and demonstrate changing Inuit-federal relations over time.

In Figure ES.1, we see that budget plan 2016 includes the across sampled years with funding committed to
Budget 2016 includes first Inuit-specific investment announcements:

  • Collaborative environmental research
  • social infrastructure and
  • housing

Budgets 2018 and 2019 include the largest number of references to Inuit and size of proposed Inuit- specific investment announcements, in the widest range of investment areas, in the time period examined. Budget plan 2018 has the highest estimated total Inuit-specific investment announcements ($816 million) in five distinct investment areas.

  • Child Welfare and Services (120)
  • Education (161)
  • Health (110)
  • Governance (25)
  • Social Imfrastructure (400)
  • Environment (0)

In 2018, longer average time commitments are driving lower average annualized estimates. In other words, although more total funding is estimated to have been committed in 2018, its allocation over many budget years means that smaller average annual amounts ($21.82 million) are allocated per year moving forward,
INSERT TABLE: Aberage Investment announcements by budget year