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Child Welfare (1-5)

Investigative Review into deaths of 9 young people

September 1, 2021

The investigative review covers the deaths of nine young people who died over a 14-month period in 2018–2019, seven of whom were Indigenous, “highlighting the disproportionate number of Indigenous young people who come to the attention of child-serving systems… Over the past 25 years, there have been many recommendations made through legal or political actions or commissions to various levels of government to address the inequities experienced by Indigenous people.3 Yet, there has been limited progress. In this time of renewed awareness of Indigenous experiences resulting from colonization, it is critical that progress is made towards meaningful reconciliation.”

Since 2015, the OCYA has made:

  • 27 recommendations to Child Intervention Services to build capacity in their workforce so the needs of young people and their families are adequately assessed and supported.
  • 9 recommendations to address gaps in information-sharing and collaboration among service providers
  • 17 requests for internal reviews were made to address gaps in service delivery related to these concerns.

Actions have been taken to address these recommendations through policy and procedure changes, and implementation of practice tools and models, yet these challenges continue. Systemic and Mandatory reporting increases accountability and transparency for government systems, builds public confidence through identifying gaps, barriers and opportunities in systems that serve Albertans.