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Call to Action # 41: Justice (25-42)

Ontario Native Women’s Association

June 3, 2021

ONWA is the oldest and largest Indigenous women’s organization in Canada and yet was not invited to participate in the development of the National Action Plan in response to the MMIWG Inquiry Final Report Calls to Justice. The ONWA left the Native Women’s Association of Canada in 2016 so, in effect, the voices of Indigenous women in Ontario have been excluded from the MMIWG process.

The federal government’s Nation-to-Nation approach excludes Indigenous women who are not connected to a First Nation, Metis organization, or Inuit land claim organization. It reinforces patriarchal systems and values that continue to keep Indigenous women unsafe and vulnerable to violence. ONWA will advocate to not only be included in the implementation process but also advocate for:

  1. Addressing the immediate safety needs of Indigenous women.
  2. The reinstatement of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation for all Indigenous community members in Canada to have access to healing programs that meet their needs.
  3. Inclusion of Indigenous women’s voices

To view ONWA’s Reconciliation with Indigenous Women report go to: