Actions and Commitments

Call to Action # 62: Education for Reconciliation (62-65)

Manitoba Colleges Education Review

March 19, 2018

Manitoba Colleges Education Review highlights several opportunities to enhance and modernize college education by building on existing strengths as well as looks at governance, efficiency, student outcomes, programming relevance to the labour market, financial management, system coordination, partnerships and client services. The province will work towards implementing several key recommendations – including for indigenous students – in the coming months, including:

  • increasing participation rates and graduation rates for all students;
  • establishing a performance-based funding formula;
  • developing college-specific mandate letters;
  • increasing rural and regional coordination to meet local needs;
  • streamlining the program approval process;
  • introducing an external quality assurance mechanism; and
  • focusing capital funding priorities to make strategic improvements.

The province’s Indigenous post-secondary attainment rate is 43%, the lowest in Canada compared with the national average of 72%.