Actions and Commitments

Call to Action # 29: Justice (25-42)

Settlement range for Indian Day Schools survivors

March 13, 2019

Feathers of Hope – “The Government of Canada announced a range for the settlement for Indigenous Day School survivors on March 12, 2019. The lack of detail on the process, clarity on the individual adjudication process and the principle of access to legal counsel is sorely missing.  We are calling on the Minister of Indigenous Crown Relations, Carolyn Bennett, to provide clarity on these issues as soon as possible,” said, Joan Jack, on behalf of a number of class action members.  

May Crown-Indigenous Relations and Norther Affairs Canada – this settlement process has been streamlined so that class members should not require counsel to complete their claim. If assistance is needed, survivors will be able to seek advice from the administrator, Deloitte, or class counsel, Gowling LLP, without charge.

The claims process is paper-based and does not require survivors to testify. It is intended to minimize the burden on survivors in pursuing their claims and to attempt to avoid re-traumatization through a hearing process. Based on concerns and objections raised by some class members, the parties have made the following modifications to the agreement: