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MASRC Cheers for Justina di Stasio’s Olympic Qualification

December 19, 2023

NationTalk: Winnipeg – The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council (MASRC) congratulates Justina di Stasio, a proud member of the Norway House Cree Nation, for earning her spot in the 2024 Olympics for wrestling. Justina’s hard work and talent make her a source of inspiration for Indigenous athletes across Manitoba.

As an organization dedicated to supporting Indigenous sports, MASRC is excited about Justina’s journey to the Olympics. Her success is a point of pride for Indigenous communities, showcasing the determination and resilience that MASRC encourages in its athletes.

Mel Whitesell, Executive Director of MASRC, shared her enthusiasm, saying, “Justina di Stasio’s Olympic qualification is a significant moment for Indigenous sports in Manitoba. She not only represents Norway House Cree Nation but also inspires athletes across our country. Justina’s journey embodies the spirit of our athletes, and we’re proud to stand behind her as she competes on the world stage.”

MASRC recognizes the impact Justina’s achievement has on breaking barriers for future Indigenous athletes. Her journey serves as a powerful example for youth, illustrating that with dedication, they can reach their dreams.

As Justina prepares for the Olympics, MASRC offers unwavering support and eagerly anticipates celebrating her accomplishments in 2024. The MASRC is confident that Justina’s success will motivate a new generation of Indigenous athletes in Manitoba and beyond.

The Manitoba Aboriginal Sports and Recreation Council extends warm congratulations to Justina di Stasio and wishes her continued success as she represents her community and province at the 2024 Olympics.

To view Justina’s Olympic profile, please click here.