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New Propsperity Gold Mine

July 16, 2019

Indigenous Group: Tsilhqot’in First Nation BC

Business: Taseko Mines Ltd. (TML)

Issue: Granting drilling permits for extensive pre-construction exploration in dying days of previous Liberal government.

Comment: July, 18, 2017: The Nelson Daily – The permits authorize 76 km of new or modified trails, 122 drill holes, 367 test pits dug by an excavator, and 20 km of seismic lines near Teztan Biny and Nabas – an area of profound cultural and spiritual importance that the Tsilhqot’in successfully fought to protect against two mine proposals. Proposal was rejected twice by the Harper-era Federal Government in 2010 (Prosperity) and 2014 (New Prosperity) due to strong opposition by the Tsilhqot’in Nation and unacceptable environmental and cultural impacts

Last Updates: July 16, 2019: APTN – TML filed a notice of civil claim and an application for an injunction. Chief Alphonse says the Tsilhqot’in National Government (TNG) is planning more court challenges of their own, but don’t feel it’s fair or legal that they should be forced to. “We have proven Aboriginal Right and have proven Aboriginal Title and nobody else has done that, yet every industry, government and non-aboriginal person tries to minimize what that means,” says Alphonse. “For B.C. to continue to issue permits without our consent or involvement in our opinion is illegal and that is the real issue here.