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Niobay Metals

February 2, 2021

Indigenous Group: Moose Cree First Nation

Business: Niobay Metal

Issue: This is a sensitive wetland area and Moose Cree has identified it as important for water as well as a highly used cultural area for its members.

Comment: May 26, 2017: Moose Cree First Nation – has unanimously rejected a drilling project in the heart of its Homeland and is calling on the Ontario government to respect its “Right to say NO”. Montreal-based Niobay Metals Inc (TSX-V: NBY) was informed last October that drilling would not be permitted in the Moose Cree Homeland near the South Bluff Creek area. The creek and the North French River Watershed are located in the heart of the Homeland and are of great cultural and environmental significance to the Moose Cree people. Moose Cree is working on a Homeland Protection Plan. This includes a restoration plan for areas already impacted from the heavy footprint of industrial development. The area Niobay wants to drill in had a drilling program on it almost 50 years without consulting Moose Cree. The effects from that historical program are still visible on Google Earth Satellite Maps.

Last Update: Feb. 2, 2021: Niobay Metals Inc. – is pleased to announce that Moose Cree First Nation has signed an updated Protection Agreement (“PA”) in support of the 2021 exploration program. The PA sets out a framework for effective communication, information exchange, environmental protection and the inclusion of MCFN businesses in the exploration program. “The PA reflects the mutual interests of NioBay and Moose Cree to work in partnership with the exploration program and continue to build a relationship that could then see a mine built with MCFN consent,” said Claude Dufresne, NioBay President and CEO. “Respect for Moose Cree’s Aboriginal and treaty rights is at the core of the Protection Agreement. NioBay has acknowledged our community’s rights and decision-making role. This forms the basis of a positive working relationship between Moose Cree First Nation and NioBay,” said MCFN Chief Mervin Cheechoo.