Actions and Commitments

Call to Action # 42: Justice (25-42)

Public Safety Minister meetings on First Nations policing

November 20, 2017

First Nations policing was a substantive topic for discussions with Public Safety Minister Goodale. Many participants spoke strongly of the need to strengthen and expand the programs to put them at par with other police services in the country in terms of salaries, equipment, technology and resources, and to recognize them as an essential service. Minister Goodale acknowledged that the program has not changed since it was first introduced in 1996 and that the budget hasn’t increased since 1999. First Nations emphasized the urgency for action given many agreements end in March 2018. Minister Goodale said there are two key principles: the need for more resources, as noted; and the need to evolve from a temporary program that expires every few years to one that continues and is seen as an essential service.