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Nunavut Environmental Initiatives

May 4, 2017

A New Shared Arctic Leadership Model – May 4, 2017
Nunavut, Greenland
40 recommendations to the federal government on how to shape sustainable and healthy northern communities with a major focus on education, infrastructure and conservation including the Inuit Council Canada-led Pikialasorsuaq Commission, which has called for the biologically-rich North Water polynya between Canada and Greenland to become an indigenous Protected Are and an Inuit-managed region

Agreement on Enhancing International Arctic Scientific Cooperation – May 11, 2017
Arctic Council: Canada, United States, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland
Seeks to enhance circumpolar cooperation in scientific activities to advance scientific knowledge of the Arctic.
The Agreement will improve the current sharing of scientific data and facilitate the movement of people, samples and equipment across borders for the purpose of conducting research, while encouraging the use of traditional and local knowledge that benefits Northerners